4 thoughts on “RCBS Pro 2000 Loading 22-250 (HD)”

  1. You have made a lot of great videos for reloading. It is great thet you go to the expense to test all the different equipment. Can you do a video on the different sizing lubes on the market and the best way to lube brass cases both pistol and rifle. What works and what doesn’t. I have tried mixing Lee lube with achohol, Hornady 1 shot but I read a lot on comments pros and cons. thanks again for the varied subject matter.

  2. When you use the RCBS Press in your videos I never see or hear and mention of case trimming or prep. Do you still if it hasn’t been sized how do you know if your trim size is correct.

  3. Hello Gavin, I enjoy your videos and have begun reloading with a rcbs pro 2000 progressive press. I just watched your 22-250 video and because I have trouble with my primers being fed consistently I counted the primers that were left after each stroke of the press and realized that your aps strips were not moving, just like mine don’t move on occasion. I called rcbs and they were very helpful and sent me a part, when I went to replace it I noticed that it was not broken but there was some powder in with it , I cleaned it out and it seems to work ok most of the time . I just have to watch it like a hawk. Have you had the same experience and do you have any remedies for this problem? Thanks for all of your work.

  4. Gavin,
    I notice in your videos that the cases don’t wiggle at the end of the forward movement of the shell plate. Mine do and it causes powder to fly all over. Not alot but enough to make a mess after a good number of rounds. Did you do something to stop this from happening?

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