SHOT Show 2010 news from RCBS: Rifle bullet feeder to be released this year

I’ve been testing and shooting videos of the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder- an exciting new product that was announced and demo’d at last year’s SHOT show. As of this writing I’ve tested it on the Dillon XL-650, The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, and the RCBS Pro 2000. It’s a great product, and it really enhances pistol reloading workflow.

But what about rifle bullets? (I get that question a lot- can I use this for .223?) Well, in 2010, RCBS will be making a rifle bullet feeder kit available for both .223 and 30 caliber rifle bullets! The feed die is different in this case, and the system is different than the pistol setup, but retains much of the same basic components.

From Kent Sakamoto, RCBS product line manager:

Bullet Feeder—Rifle (Progressive Press)

Based on the popularity of the Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit, RCBS® introduces two rifle versions— one for .22 caliber and one for .30 caliber. This new Rifle Bullet Feeder is designed to fit on most 7/8″-14 threaded progressive presses. It features a four country universal 110-240 power supply operated collator unit that orients the bullets to drop into the feed mechanism. The hopper holds approximately 250 (55-gr) .22 cal bullets and 100-125 (180-gr) .30 cal bullets. Each kit increases load rates by least 50%.

*NOTE: Not for use with lead bullets. Use jacketed or FMJ bullets only.

Features & Benefits

  •  Available for either .22 or .30 caliber
  •  Increases load rate by 50%
  •  Large hopper for non-stop reloading and max output/efficiency
  •  Bullets are oriented to drop directly into feed mechanism/seat die
  •  Adjustable collator height
  • RCBS® two-year warranty


Rifle bullet feeder

I’ll let you all know when I know more about when this product will be available, cost, etc.

Would you all like to see videos of this when it’s available? (I can’t wait to try it myself…)

5 thoughts on “SHOT Show 2010 news from RCBS: Rifle bullet feeder to be released this year”

  1. Mr.Bulletfeeder® units are in operation all over the world and are used for reloading popular handgun and rifle calibers. Custom calibers are also available upon request. There are videos on the internet. Check it out.

  2. Do you know if this requires buying a complete bullet feeder unit or if the pistol bullet feeder will be able to do rifle bullets by installing a conversion kit?

  3. I have an older version of the Hornady LN LAP (serial no. below 5000). Will I be able to fit this bullet feeder to it? Is there a update conversion I can get for my reloader?

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