5 thoughts on “Pro 2000 Loading 357 Magnum (HD)”

  1. Does the powder dispenser on this come ready to use, or are there caliber specific dies that have to be purchased?

  2. Thanks! I had heard it came missing a micrometer adjuster. I was afraid I’d have to order one after the fact!

  3. I like this press the best as I am shopping progressives now and looking to upgrade from my LCT…..Powder Die is stationary and part of the press,powder dispenser has a micrometer meter system,dies are in a removable head (thats a must IMO),Priming system looks simple as can be,its built like a tank it looks like and its a reputable name RCBS and pricing is not too bad…

  4. Please explain the die setup for sing the new bullet feeder and the lockout die at the same time. I see no way to do this without moving the powder measure to station #2.

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