What is it about blued revolvers?

Not sure what it is, but I really like blued revolvers. Stainless is much more practical in some ways, but finely crafted curved blue steel is just a thing of beauty!

The revolver pictured below makes me think I’m a detective from 1932. There’s something about holding it that makes me want to put on a double breasted suit and hat. Kind of fun to take it out shooting, and be taken back “to another time” for a moment. It’s also got a great trigger, and shoots at point of aim. Not bad for a revolver that’s about 80 or more years old!

Model 1905 38 Special
S&W Model 1905 38 Special

Anyone else have a weakness for blued revolvers? I can tell you, when I see a mirror-polished blued Colt python, it activates my senses. Same is true of a nice S&W model 29.

4 thoughts on “What is it about blued revolvers?”

    1. That’s a “M&P Model of 1905″ 4th change from what I know. I need to send a letter to S&W to get the full history, date of manufacture, etc. The snubby is quite rare, the 4” model is much more common.

  1. I worked in a very large gun store in the mid 70’s and still fondly remember the Pythons, they were displayed on the top shelf of the case propped up with a 12 gauge shell through the trigger guard. I can also remember the great S&W shortages of the times and paying $325.00 to a scalper to get my 6.5 M29 (retail on the darn thing was $203.50 but Dirty Harry made the price skyrocket)

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