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  1. I am looking for a progressive press to get started in reloading… mostly likely in 9mm, .380, and 45 acp… which press is your favorite? I would like to stay as low as possible but I want something that is going to produce high quality ammo… I currently use a progressive press for my 12 ga reloading (Dillon SL900) so i am used to the “feel” of a progressive.

  2. After watching this video and every other one I could find, I think I am real close to making up my mind to go with this press over Dillon (I already ruled out Hornady). Am I making a mistake?

    The main reason is the 5 stations, where Dillon only has 4. To me, it is attractive to have that 5th station should I choose to load a plated bullet. It allows seating and crimping in separate stations. I don’t see that option with Dillon. If using a standard FMJ, it would allow you to incorporate a powder checker and seat and crimp in the same station.

    The perfect press would be 6 stations so you could add a powder checker just after powder charging and then seat, then crimp (separately).

    Gavin, do you (or anyone else) feel that ‘getting a visual’ on the powder charge in the Pro 200 is easy just before seating the bullet? Thus, eliminating the need for a powder checker? It looks like it is very accessible to the eye as compared to the other brands. I don’t want to break my neck after every cycle of the press looking around to get a visual on powder. This one looks very comfortable.

    My young son shoots as many rounds that I reload as I do (or more). Safety and the elimination of ANY errors (i.e. double charge, no charge, etc) is my main concern. I am reloading 9mm and .45 ACP. Plus a couple rifle calibers.

    Thanks, Todd. We enjoy your site and videos!

  3. I’ve read some have problems with the auto-indexing mechanism throwing powder out of the cases for either full or small cases. Have you found that to be the case at all?

    I’m going to be reloading .45 ACP, .380 ACP, .32 ACP, .30-.30 Win, and .223 Rem for now.

  4. Hi guys. Would it be possible to use on the many electric automatic bullet feeders available, in conjunction with the Lee bullet feeder system, on a Lee Pro 1000 ?
    Looking forward to your reply

  5. Hi kevin can you make a video how to assemble a rcbs pro 2000 auto and install the die for 45 ACP there are no video out there step by step instruction to do it thank you very much ..winter

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