14 thoughts on “RCBS Bullet Feeder on Hornady Lock-N-Load AP 45ACP (HD)”

  1. This is why I keep checking back with you…. Another good idea taken from concept to reality!

    Outstanding job.

    So any throughput and reliability metrics yet?

    What’s next? a larger primer storage tube? or do you think that can be automated as well…. I preload several hundred primers for extended loading sessions, I do not have case or bullet feeders… and it is still my biggest bottleneck.. Watching this is getting me motovated to take the next step!

  2. How about a video showing how to setup the lockout die? Or please explain, step by step, how to set it up. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the video,I am planning on purchasing the rcbs but would like to see how a Mr.Bullet feeder works and compares to the rcbs on a lock and load ap.I’m sure many other reloaders would appreciate this.Thanks again.

  4. As always, totally awesome video! Being new to reloading, I downloaded your videos on setting up the Hornady LnL from youtube and I view them while doing my setup. These were a lot more practical & informative than the Hornady DVD, thanks!

    While trying to use the LockOut and Taper crimp dies on an LnL, I am currently struggling with the idea of using PTX for my pistol calibers. As I’m sure you have noticed, there is no clear instruction on setting those up, and many people are getting frustrated with their PTX experience, especially with the 9mm setup. I also see a lot of gripe about broken and worn out powder measure linkages…

    If you ever get the time, I think it would be great to see a detailed step-by-step 9mm PTX setup.

    Thank you again! – Roman.

  5. I have been looking at buying a bullet feeder but all of them say to not use them with cast bullets. I was wondering if anyone has used a bullet feeder with cast lead bulleted lubed with a hard lube?

  6. Apparently this guy was even more annoyed with the 9mm PTX die than I am. He came up with an expander that works .30 to .50 caliber. http://www.powderfunnels.com/

    I’d like to see a video using this expander, and maybe using lead bullets with a separate seating and crimping die.

  7. Aaron- Hornady has a new system for the PTX expander- I’ll be providing details shortly. Personally, I did not have any problems with the old style PTX expanders and the RCBS bullet feeder.

    Details to follow!

  8. Gavin:

    After seeing your video, I was considering getting the RCBS bullet feeder, but when I read the reviews on the Cabellas site, I had second thoughts as there were a lot of complaints. Since making this video, has your experience still been good?


  9. Colin- Yes, this bullet feeder has worked out well for me overall. My biggest compliaint has been the lack of individual parts online, but RCBS is working on this (See the following post: http://ultimatereloader.com/?p=974 ) In the videos you can see that I fabricated brackets to mount the bullet feeder for various presses. If you’re using the RCBS Pro-2000 press, it can be mounted behind the press with the RCBS mounting plate. The motor is small (and does not have a master switch) but has worked reliably so far.

  10. You mentioned you installed a RCBS lock-out die to check the powder charge. How does it work? And by the way thanks for all those videos. Keep them coming.

  11. If I wanted to do some more precise weighing of powder for the round could I remove the powder feeder and do it manually? Or is this best done by using a single stage

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