7 thoughts on “XL650 Caliber change 45ACP to 357 Magnum – Part II (HD)”

  1. Nice set of videos on the XL 650; very clear, step-by-step. I’ve been watching them and taking notes, anticipating the delivery of my own 650 some time next week. Should be a fun spring 🙂

  2. Can you tell me what the locator pins are for, i don’t see where you need them. I just baught a new 650 not long ago and what i have learned is that everything you need for it cost like hexx. If i had it to go over again i would buy a Honardy or a RBCS

  3. This is an excellent video on a caliber change. i would like to add just one thing to it. while you have your press apart its a great time to do a little maintenance on it. put some grease on bolt threads, some sliding parts, the pins on the ram etc.. also a good idea to wipe the grime off the ram and wipe it down with a little motor oil. also clean out the reloading dies. I know this is not the point of the video, but a great thing to do to keep the press going forever, makes things run very smooth as well.

  4. I think this press is for me. It is prices less thjan Hornady. They get almost $500 for the case feeder. I would like to know about your bench. Did you buy it or make it. I like the looks and layout.
    tia, Dave
    PS: how much is the parts needed to change calibers? You need a
    1. die set
    2. die holder
    3. shell plate holder
    4. shell tube parts
    5. whatever I missed.

  5. Concerning lube jobs ! Putting a tiny bit of Anti/Never Seeze on aluminum threads ,will keep them like new !Also on metal threads too! Will keep them from galling ! Tip from a tool and die machinist !

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