LNL-AP Powder Measure (HD)

In this video, you’ll learn about the powder measure that comes with the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press. You’ll see how it works, learn about changing metering inserts, and see a demo of changing between small and large rotors.

You may also want to see the Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench Powder Measure video

The features and design on this press are a major factor in the quick caliber changes attained with the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press. With the micrometer metering inserts (one for pistol, another for rifle, separate rotors for each) you can change the powder charge with a simple rotation of the micrometer handle. The fact that the entire Lock-N-Load powder measure lifts off the press with 1/8 of a turn makes emptying this unit a 10 second job!

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  1. Hi Gavin,

    I’m a great fan of your work and I have a new Hornady AP press due to your reviews. I’m very happy with the press although I had a small pawl timing issue that the Hornady tech walked me through and I’m good to go.

    In your Hornady LNL Powder Measure Video, you performed a great demo of switching the pistol rotor out for a rifle rotor and the insert switch as well. However, you state that after the rotor and insert switch, you locked the bushing in and said “you’re ready to load”.

    I believe that unless you have a quick change powder die (lower assembly) that is adjusted to the new case, you were not ready and a case height adjustment was needed and then you were ready to go. Am I correct?

    I’m still learning as I go, and I have micro inserts on order as well as PTX FOR 45 ACP coming. I owe much to your videos and I have watched them over and over more times than you can imagine. Your later work shows much improvement over your earlier work. I hope Hornady appreciated you. I cerainly do. My thanks.

    Holland Ja

    1. Holland- I’m glad you like the site!

      You are correct- you do have to adjust the powder measure height. There are a few options here:
      1. Manually adjust each time
      2. Buy dedicated powder dies and LNL bushings- adjusted for each caliber you load
      3. Machine spacers and hand-tighten powder measure on LNL bushing (assumes you’re not using PTX)

      I have typically used method 3. above.

  2. Hello Gavin,
    I really like your spacer method for adjusting case activation height. I just picked up that powderfunnels.com universal PTX to give it a whirl and avoid having to change out the PTXs. This spacer idea would really allow me to take full advantage of it by not having to adjust the case belling when switching calibers. As far as taking measurements for the spacers, did you just set the lock nut for your smallest case size and machine the spacers based on the difference between your other caliber case heights? I don’t have a metal lathe and was curious if I could just measure the difference between the case heights and have a machinist make me spacers. I was also curious about the spacer(s) you’re using in the above video; It looks to me that there are either two spacers, a recess on the top part of a single spacer, or some other item between the lock nut and the spacer that’s resting on you LNL bushing. I was curious what’s going there. Thanks again for dealing with all of these questions, I hope it’s not too obnoxious;). You come up with some great DIY tricks; thanks for sharing!

  3. Oops…I should have read a little more closely…”assuming you’re not using a PTX.” How does this pose a problem?

  4. Cleaning a new AP Powder Measure –

    I just purchased a new LNL AP press to replace my older Projector Press. The video instructions that come with the press recommend using Hornady OneShot Cleaner/Dry Lube to clean the packing oils from the hopper and rotor prior to using it.

    I dont have Horandy OneShot Cleaner/Dry Lube and none of my local stores carry it. I do have a can of Gun Scrubber spray and a can of Hornady Case Lube spray.

    Will the Gun Scrubber be OK to use on the Powder Measure? Any issues with the clear plastic or paint be damaged using the Gun Scrubber instead of the Hornady OneShot? Should I use the Case Lube spray to lubricate the funnel and threads on the powder measure screw adjuster?

  5. It says in the instructions that brake parts cleaner would be ok to use to clean off the grease.

    Gun Scrubber is just expensive brake parts cleaner.


  6. Mike,

    You are likely right, but the Gun Scrubber made the clear plastic tube cloudy after use. Its not ruined, but its no longer clear.

  7. I just purchase a Hornady Pistol Micrometer for my powder charger. It has a new rotor yet it will not fir in to the rotor. The stock meter work easily…any suggestions. Thanks By the way, super sight! It it very informative and has assisted me a number of times.

  8. I just purchased an ultrasonic cleaner for brass and gun parts on top of my new LNL AP. Would it damage the parts or be effective to clean the press parts with the ultrasonic cleaner instead of having to scrub them. would treat them with a good dry lube afterward. I figured I would throw them in there while I built the bench to install the reloader onto.

    1. Nick- I think it would be safe to clean individual parts the the ultrasonic cleaner. As long as you can get all of the residue off, that would do the trick. What kind of parts were you thinking of, and what kind of dry lube?

      1. In the short term I was thinking of cleaning the packing grease off the powder measure with the ultrasonic cleaner. Looking further ahead, I would be cleaning brass and weapon parts. After I posted the question I found a write-up by Unique Tek that explained all the ins and outs of ultrasonic cleaners. Its a well done and pretty interesting writeup.


  9. My brothers & I split the cost of a LNL AP in November, here’s some of the problems we had with the powder measure & our solutions…
    We had a problem with the measure binding during its stroke, some times it would cause the whole bench to jump. After observing the measure when it would occur; we concluded that the insert was binding on the sides of the slot in the measure body… the slot was too tight in spots. To fix it we filed the spots down on the body where it was binding, just enough that the insert passed freely. no more binding, bench no longer jumps.
    We had powder sticking to the measure even after following the cleaning directions, and using a drier sheet to break the static charge. After cleaning it again & drying it with a towel, we used crushed mica as a dry lube and coated the inside of the measure with it like flouring a cake pan… cycling the measure a few times got the extra mica out, and now powder doesn’t cling and the measure works w/o a hiccup. (thanks to feedback at midwayusa)
    The rifle insert galled its threads… when trying to adjust it, it bound up solid. After removing it, we were able to get it apart with vise grips and a wrench. Using a 1/2″-20 tap & die, we re-cut the threads. no more problems since.
    We had other hiccups, but I’ll post them in ‘overview’ as I’ll try to keep this primarily to the powder measure.
    overall… once we got it fine tuned, the press works great.
    BTW, We have yet to call Hornady customer service…

    1. Thanks again for the info- I haven’t had issues with the powder measure sticking, but I have read of this happening. One issue I’m looking into is the best way to prevent corrosion on some of the Hornady fixtures such as the micrometer metering inserts. I’m thinking spraying and wiping down may work (being careful not to apply anything to surfaces that come into contact with powder…)

  10. Don’t you have to change any internal bushings etc.. I think the Powder Measure comes with a few different ones. I have mine set up for 45. Changing over to rifle (6.8) and I think I need to put a different bushing in. If I do, seems like an awful lot of work..Change rotor, change insert, readjust depth etc.. If I do I think I will buy dedicated powder drops

  11. When setting up the powder measure on my LNL, it came with 3 bushings. I called Hornady and they told me the shortest bushing is for .308/30.06 and longer. The medium is for .223 up to .308 and the small one is for all handgun calibers. Okay, I understand that part. They also told me that the bushings have a taper on both ends with one being very tapered and one being very radical. I see that. Then they told me which end is which and I can’t remember what end it what. Does the radical taper face the shell plate or the powder feeder? Thanks, Jim

  12. Thanks for all the good videos and tips on the Hornady LnL. I followed all Hornady’s instructional video’s on how to set up my AP but no-where did it say anything about a pistol and rifle powder metering difference. Hornady comes with the rifle pre-installed and I would have went with that if not for your video explaining the difference.
    Again thanks for the tip on the different metering systems and the micro metering system that I just sent for. I even posted it to the correct video this time. This is the one that I watched that explained the difference and allowed me to swap out and install the pistol meter.

  13. You forgot to mention after changing from pistol/small to rifle/large rotors and inserts, you put the measure back into the press, but you need to change the powder drop insert to a different one depending on caliber.

  14. Hi Gavin Love your video very informative and great information I am having a issue though with the LnL powder measure. I seem to be having a problem getting a consistent accurate throw of powder with extruded rifle powders for my M1A I am using H4895. Have you had this problem before? If so do you know or recommend any fixes for this issue? I have noticed my loads vary from .1 to as much as 3.5 grains and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have cleaned it all with a oil free cleaner so all the parts are dry and powder doesn’t seem to be getting hung on them from what I have observed. The only thing I can figure is it’s really not too good for extruded rifle powders but being rather new to hand-loading I’m not sure any suggestions?

  15. Just wondering if there is an easy way to clean out the dispenser? I’ve had my press for a couple of years and I don’t use the press as often you do but I am always frustrated that I can’t get in to the unit to give it a good cleaning.

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