Salmon River Solutions

Salmon River Solutions was established in 2020 with the goal of providing the best rifle accessories available, while cutting weight via advanced materials and intuitive design work.

Started by two machinists with a decade of experience each, we are able to design, program, prototype and produce our own parts. This allows us to bring products to market extremely quickly.

We specialize in titanium muzzle brakes. By utilizing titanium, we are able to maintain high strength at a very low weight. Our Ti Pro line of muzzle brakes are unequaled as far as weight vs. recoil reduction. Our advanced port design reduces recoil while minimizing muzzle rise.

We also offer many rail options, such as arca and picatinny rails. Our most popular rail is our Arca+Pic rail, which gives you a single mount with the ability to run a picatinny style bipod, while having the option to utilize the rifle in a tripod head also.

Custom machining options such as sizing and engraving are available on our products with minimum order quantities. Even if your just a small gun shop, you can have your own custom parts! We also offer contract manufacturing services for anyone looking to have there own parts manufactured.

-Ken Trapp & Zach Lester

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