Hands-On: Inline Fabrication Ergonomic Roller Handle

In terms of reloading press ergonomics, the handle is one of the most important parts. Ensuring comfortable and consistent strokes is key to good ammo and an enjoyable experience. Inline Fabrication has a line of ERGO Roller Handles for a variety of presses to assist with this! 


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About the Inline Fabrication ERGO Handle

Inline Fabrication has all the gear you need to organize and improve your reloading experience. They are the leader in reloading press accessories and here at Ultimate Reloader we have Ultramount press risers, quick change plate systems and many other items from Inline Fabrication.

Inline Fabrication Storage Bin
Inline Fabrication Ultramount with Quick Change Plate

No matter the brand of press on your bench, Inline Fabrication has several accessories for it designed to make your life easier. There are two different styles of press handles — there is a traditional straight option and the ergonomic roller handle with a forward sweep. The ergo handle will put you in a different position but it will make it so you don’t have to slouch when working with low-mounted presses.

From Inline Fabrication.com: 

Ergo Roller handle for the Dillion 550C

Ergonomic style roller lever for the Dillon RL 550 B & C models.    Offers 3.5 inches of back relief. Long reloading sessions become much more enjoyable. (Also fits RL-450 )

Very comfortable priming operation, ergonomic, roller handle, back friendly and positions you perfectly in front of the press to see into your cases prior to setting a bullet. Primer seating performance and “feel” is enhanced significantly over stock lever.

Available in painted or sleek, durable powdercoated finish. 

This time we’re taking a closer look at the Inline Fabrication Ergo Roller Handle for the Dillon 550C, but we already have the version for the Lyman Brass Smith American 8 and have found it a great upgrade.

Ergo Roller Handles are available for 31 different presses so there are many options. 

Dillon 550C Handle Install and Test

The super simple install starts with removing the factory Dillon handle. A box end wrench on the bottom nut and an Allen key through the handle hole allows for easy removal. The new handle slides on just how the old was removed, but in reverse. Tighten the nut and then install the roller handle. The handle has an Allen screw for tightening the handle onto the lever arm during installation.

We currently have this 550C press set up as we did in the Berry’s .223 55 gr FMJ video with the DoubleAlpha Academy mini case feed system, Inline Fabrication storage boxes and quick mount system. 

Before (left) and after (right) reloading with Inline Fabrication ERGO Roller Handle

The rest of the process is pretty straightforward — pull the handle up and down as you follow through the stages. I quickly realized that I don’t have to drop my shoulder with each stroke, which makes mass reloading even better. 


The Ergo handle from Inline Fabrication is an excellent upgrade. Right away I could feel the difference in the motion of the handle. My shoulder stays in a much more comfortable position throughout the cycle. This is a definite improvement I highly recommend! 

Get the Gear! 

Order ergonomic roller handles directly from Inline Fabrication or from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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