NEW Adaptive Press Head from Creedmoor Sports

Creedmoor Sports recently released the Adaptive Press head for the Redding T-7 press. It’s different from anything else on the market — here’s why. 


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About the Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head

The Redding T7 is a popular cast iron turret press. Recently, we featured upgrades from Creedmoor Sports to this press, but the adaptive press head takes it to a whole new level. 

From Creedmoor Sports:

The Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head for the Redding T-7 Turret Press is the flagship product in our eco-system of premium reloading tools. The Adaptive Wedge system is at the core of this innovative platform.


With a fit and finish second to none through precision machining and premium materials, and the ability to accept both standard 7/8″ and 1-1/4″ reloading dies, this press head is truly worthy of being paired with premium and large format dies from top-tier manufacturers such as Triebel and others. Click Here For Additional Wedges

Innovation at its Core – The Adaptive Wedge System

This press head incorporates an innovative new system called the Adaptive Wedge system; a set of wedge-shaped die holders which offer precision fit and positioning as well as multiple die size capability. The handloader can purchase wedges individually, or in sets, and for different size dies creating their own customizable and repeatable reloading die system. Each wedge is a self-contained unit that repeatedly positions the die in the head. You set the die up once, screw in the thumb screw and you are set. The wedge can be slid in and out of the head and will always be set up precisely where you left it. The die mounting positions are precisely located and cut to offer an ultra-smooth thread making a perfect platform for premium die sets.

Premium and Precision – The Adaptive Press Head

The Creedmoor Adaptive Press Head is a direct drop-in upgrade to the Redding T-7 and can be installed in a matter of minutes. This press head is precision manufactured from stainless steel. The premium finish looks good and makes a nice addition to the reloading bench. It offers high corrosion and wear resistance and incorporates a thread quality second to none. The machining process is held to tight tolerances with particular care paid to maintaining flatness of both top and bottom surfaces. Maintaining a true perpendicular relationship between the head and die results in higher quality and more consistent loads by reducing run-out in bullet seating operations. Incorporating a unique integral detent and track system, the indexing ball is captured during rotation which reduces wear and makes transitioning from station-to-station extremely smooth, positive, and repeatable.

The Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head Family is proudly Made in the USA!

Features and Benefits

    • Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Wedge system compatibility
    • 7/8″ and 1 1/4″ die compatibility
    • Direct drop-in fit
    • Three position Adaptive Wedge locations
    • Manufactured from solid stainless steel – corrosion and rust-resistant
    • Precision cut die threads – enhanced die-to-thread engagement
    • Precision milled ball track and detents – smoother transitions from station to station
    • Two threaded handle positions
    • Included handle enhances feel and is threaded to stay attached during long reloading sessions
    • Machined to ensure flatness of both top and bottom surfaces
    • Improved press head lockup
    • Made in USA

Product Includes

    • Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head
    • Precision brass bushing
    • Threaded four-inch ball-end style handle
    • Optional: 7/8″ or 1 1/4″ Adaptive Wedges

What’s In the Box

Printed materials top off laser cut foam surrounding the main components. All of the primary components are machined from billet stainless steel. Aside from the main head, there are three wedges for 1 ¼” dies, three for ⅞” dies, and an enhanced handle—the same handle that comes with the enhanced press head from Creedmoor Sports.


Taking a closer look at the press head, there is a precision fit bushing and three adaptive stations. A wedge fits directly into each of the three stations. You can easily switch the wedges in and out by grabbing hold of the thumb screw (which is also the die lock screw). 

I’m using Triebel 1 ¼” 338 dies to reload for my new 338 Lapua build, so I’m using the 1 ¼” wedges.

I currently have both the Creedmoor Sports Enhanced Redding T7 press head installed and the enhancement kit for low friction indexing.

Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head – Enhanced Press Head Next to Original Press Head

Swapping the head was easy. I first removed the handle, then the hold down bolt in the center. After lifting away the head, the spring and detent ball bearing remained. With the detent in the back and bushing on the adaptive head properly indexed, I placed the new head on top and dropped the bolt back in. The adaptive head offers two different positions for the handle, on the left and on the right. 

Each of the three stations are quick attach, quick detach for the dies. You can also leave the handle in one place and not have to swap positions. With the factory T7 head, there are three different positions for the head and it’s not as user friendly. 


With the 338 Lapua shellholder in place, I removed the Triebel lock ring and threaded a die into a wedge until it contacted the shellholder. With the die secure, I finger tightened the thumb screw, then backed off the seater plug.

I put a reference 338 Lapua cartridge loaded with 250 grain Berger Hybrid OTM Tactical bullets into the shellholder, raised the ram, and lowered the stem until I could feel contact with the ogive of the bullet. Next came getting a reference base to ogive with the comparator.

I also installed a 1 ¼” Triebel 338 Lapua full length sizer and a ⅞” die just for illustration. The dies in wedges seem to glide in and out, held in place by detents and spring loaded ball bearings. You can actually feel the wedges slide into place and lock.

I verified the reference cartridge was zeroed base to ogive with the calipers and Hornady comparator. It took a few adjustments to get the die set how I wanted it. 338 Lapua is a long cartridge for the Redding T7 so I had to feed the case and the bullet at the same time. 

Lastly, I checked one of the loaded cartridges on the Sinclair concentricity gauge. The 338 Lapua Magnum brass is brand new, not even fire-formed. The indicator gave an indicator reading of 0.0005″, or 0.00025″ on each side. This shows incredible concentricity, a result of the Triebel dies and press setup. 


I’m very happy with how the adaptive press head has performed and think it’s a great upgrade to enhance functionality. It is incredibly smooth and takes your press to the next level without the expense of a brand new press. Creedmoor Sports is doing great things in this product category and the adaptive press head is only the latest addition. 

Triebel Dies at Creedmoor Sports

In this video, I go over the family of Triebel reloading dies:

Since the publication of that video, Creedmoor Sports has become the exclusive US Importer and Distributor of Triebel dies in the USA. You can find them by visiting this landing page.

Get the Gear

Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head for Redding T-7

Creedmoor Sports 1-¼” Die Wedge for Adaptive Press Head 

Creedmoor Sports ⅞” Die Wedge for Adaptive Press Head

The Redding T-7 Turret Press is currently out of stock as of 12/30/2022 at Creedmoor Sports, but is in stock at Midsouth Shooters Supply as of 12/30/2022. 

Lapua 338 Magnum Cases

Berger 250 Grain OTM 338 Bullets 

Triebel Reloading Dies at Creedmoor Sports

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