Overview: Triebel German Reloading Dies

I have become a big fan of Triebel Reloading Dies. These dies are top-shelf quality, and have many features that contribute towards maximum precision when loading ammunition. In this story, I’ll give an overview of each of the different types of dies that are manufactured by Triebel Gun Tools. What’s more, we’ll talk about how these dies are officially coming to the USA!

About Triebel Gun Tools

The company was established by Rudi Triebel, who was born in Suhl (Germany). His examination for the master´s certificate as gunsmith was in 1942. After World War II he worked as a professional gunsmith in the gun shop of his father Robert Triebel in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria). Later, Rudi Triebel established his own small workshop in Kaufbeuren. There, he was able to install the first production machines to produce spare-parts for handguns and riflescope mountings. He soon learned that it was impossible, to buy good chamber reamers. So he started to produce his own tools. This was the starting signal for a company, which today is operating worldwide! Since 1984, Jürgen Triebel (Rudi Triebel´s son) is leading the company.
Above: Jürgen Triebel (present day)

Triebel Manufacturing Capability

Triebel Gun Tools uses the latest high-precision CNC equipment to produce their top quality reloading dies, chamber reamers, gauges, and other tools. The steel for these products comes from a local German steel supplier. This supplier also supplies steel to companies like Audi.

Everything is made in-house, except lock ring screws Dies are stocked for about 10 calibers that are popular, specialty calibers are made per order. Triebel has 10+ CNC machines in-house including two 5-axis machines for reamer production. Triebel supplies ~80% of the reamers to the European firearms industry.

Triebel Dies

From the Triebel Dies landing page:

Our reloading dies impress with their extremely precise workmanship and our high quality standard. Triebel Premium reloading dies can be adapted to your personal requirements and wishes thanks to numerous adjustment options.
Can be used in many common reloading presses

The outer form of calibration dies as well as bullet setters has either the common inch thread of 7/8″ – 14 course or in the reinforced version (for thick hummers) 1¼” – 12 course.

This allows the dies to be used in the commercially available reloading presses.

With high-quality presses such as the models from Turban-CNC, matching thread adapters are usually already included in the scope of delivery.

Triebel Precision Reloading Dies share some common attributes:

  • Ultra-Precision Tolerances/Finish
  • 7/8”, 1 ¼”, and 1 ½”  Threads (select dies and calibers)
  • Interchangeable Parts

Triebel Full Length Sizer Die

Triebel Full-Length Sizer dies are a great choice for general case resizing, specifically when precise control over neck tension is not needed.

Snapshot overview from Triebel Product Page:

Additional notes:

  • All parts are interchangeable – spindles, pins, nuts, etc.
  • For short cases, the expander button is used to secure the decapper pin – same spindle, same cap

Disassembled Full-Length sizer die: (click/tap to enlarge)

FL Sizer Die Manufacturing Process Overview:

  • Starting with raw material, external machining is performed
  • Die is reamed, Reamer profile is custom for sizing die
  • Die is hardened
  • Finishing- grinding for laser marking, profiling, CNC internal and external polishing
  • Die is hand polished
  • Expander buttons are precision CNC ground, optimized profile for smooth operation

Triebel Benchrest Neck Sizer Die

The Benchrest Neck Sizer Die offers precise control over neck tension when sizing cases.

Snapshot overview from Triebel Product Page:

Additional notes for Benchrest Neck Sizer:

  • Bushing is machined in one clamping – most precise bushing on the market
  • Neck turning- this die can be used when neck turning, and when not neck turning
  • Bushings can be ordered in .01 mm increments
  • Super-tight tolerances in guide sleeve (guide sleeve to bushing) helps minimize runout

Here’s a picture of a disassembled BR Neck Sizer in 50 BMG: (sizing ring not removed from alignment sleeve here)

Triebel Standard Bullet Seater Die

The Standard Seater Die is suitable for general purpose precision bullet seating.

This die features a removable insert that can be flipped to enable crimping or disable crimping. Swappable seating punches optimize bullet runout for a variety of different bullet styles and profiles.

Here’s a Standard Seater Die with seater punch removed:

Triebel Benchrest Seater Die

The Triebel Benchrest Seater enhances the bullet seating concentricity you’ll get with the standard seater die. This is accomplished by means of a sliding sleeve that helps to align the case with the bullet while seating.

BR Seater Additional Features:

  • Spiral grooves are for lubrication retention
  • Replacing punches: use hex key on spindle end, 5.5mm wrench on punch flats
  • Micrometer is option, works on all seating dies of same size

Here’s a disassembled BR Seater Die:

Triebel Dies: Coming to Creedmoor Sports (USA)

If you’re in the USA and you’re interested in these dies, there’s good news. Triebel Reloading Dies are coming to the USA exclusively through Creedmoor Sports! I’ll post updates on the availability of Triebel dies at Creedmoor Sports when I get them. Don’t miss out on these Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


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