Overview: New Enduron Powders from IMR

It’s always exciting to see new reloading products that make things “that much better”. That was my first impression when trying Hodgdon’s CFE-223 and CFE-Pistol powders. These powders have performed great, and I love the fact that copper de-fouling is “built in”. There’s a new crop of powders from IMR that feature copper de-fouling plus extreme temperature stability (great performance over a wide range of temperatures), and “green” (environmentally responsible) production. They are the new “Enduron” line of powders.

In order to understand how these powders fall into the “larger collection”, I’ve outlined them in purple on this burn rate chart from Hodgdon: (click to enlarge, full chart from Hodgdon HERE)


And here’s a view showing the powders, note how similar the appearance is for all of the IMR Enduron powders: (click to enlarge)


I’m thinking these powders will offer an interesting comparison for 6.5 Creedmoor and 243 Winchester for the Ruger Precision Rifle project I’m working on. Look for Enduron features in these and other blog series over the next year! Are you loading and shooting Enduron? Please share your experiences!



5 thoughts on “Overview: New Enduron Powders from IMR”

  1. I’ve had problems with long range shots. 600 yd
    I had 12 in (2moa) drop in imr4350 at 40 degree from 85-90 degree. Set T 10.25. Change to. H 4350. But ha same out come. Have you hade any experience eith imr 4451( same burn rate as above)
    In mobile Al. Summer and fall 90 deg hunt in Montana in October 20-40 new drop chart
    Have you had any problems like this
    Shooting 300wm. 190 Berger

  2. Nothing there that I’m even remotely interested in. I shoot strictly cast bullets in every firearm I own – so I’m not seeing anything there I can’t live without. I’d like to see something with a quicker burn rate.

  3. I also wonder about the temperature sensitivity. I ran into the same problems with IMR 4350 being affected by temperature and switched to Hogden 4350 as it is not.

  4. I reload 6mm rifle. I tried the new IMR 4451. The powder burn is fine BUT I cannot use my RCBS Powder Measure reliably. The “rod” size of this powder is large and causes “jams” after the powder is measured as you move the lever to dispense the powder. This causes very inaccurate measures. The only accruate measure was to used a powder trickler. This really slows down the reloading process. Smaller “rod” sizes work fine in the RCBS unit as does flake and ball.

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