RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part IV: Full Progressive Shotshell Reloading

In this blog series we’ve worked our way steadily from unboxing all the way to full progressive reloading with the RCBS GRAND 8-station reloading press:

  1.  RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part I: Unboxing
  2.  RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part II: Mounting and Overview
  3.  RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part III: Preparing to Load
  4. You are here – let’s load!
RCBS Grand Full Progressive Loading 600
RCBS GRAND in full progressive reloading mode – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

When I first unboxed the RCBS GRAND, I had high expectations about how the press would perform based on the design and construction of the press. Now that I’ve experienced full progressive reloading on this press, I realize that my expectations were met- this press functions the way that I’d hoped. Here’s a video showing the press in full progressive loading mode:

There you have it! It’s been fun taking you all on a tour of the loading process with the RCBS GRAND. Have your own RCBS GRAND experiences to share? Please leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part IV: Full Progressive Shotshell Reloading”

  1. I’m going to echo Charlie’s comments. But that a lot of money for shotshell reloading. While I have a ton (well a lot) of spent hulls, are they all re-loadable, or only Winchester AA and Remington Gun Club?

  2. Excellent video as always. You are developing a sweet process for present the different loaders and there functions to the people following you.

    Would like to see a follow up at some time for each of the series addressing tuning/timing adjustments of the various presses. This would be a big help to all of us.

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