Recap: Ultimate Reloader Joins Frankford Arsenal at Gunsite

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the Gunsite Academy in Paulden Arizona to teach reloading, hang out with some awesome influencers, and shoot out to 1,436 with these new friends. This event was hosted by Frankford Arsenal and Crimson trace. It was a great time, and I wanted to provide a quick recap for you all!

Teaching Reloading

It was AWESOME to teach my first in-person reloading class! This class was focused on precision long-range reloading which is what we did with the group!

Here’s some of the things I covered:

  • Reloading safety
  • What you need to reload rifle ammunition
  • Why reload precision rifle ammunition
  • Preparing to load rifle ammunition
  • Lubing, sizing, de-priming
  • Checking cases and trimming
  • Priming
  • Powder Charging
  • Seating Bullets

It was awesome to see participants reload for the first time, and to experience the satisfaction of the end-to-end experience.

People I Met: New Friends

There were some really cool people at the event from different parts of the “social media and influencer world” including:

A big highlight of the trip was hanging out with these awesome people, talking guns, and talking social media strategy!

Shooting out to 1,436 Yards

For the event, Seekins Precision supplied HAVAK HIT rifles in 6mm Creedmoor. These were topped with Crimson Trace Hardline Pro 6-24x50mm FFP scopes. Some highlights of the HIT rifles:

  • Havak with modular bolt and integrated dust cover
  • Folding buttstock with adjustable cheek riser, tool-less chassis adjustments
  • Vertical grip
  • Quick change barrel system
  • Timney Trigger (Remington 700 triggers work with HIT)
  • Integrated 20 MOA rail
  • Adjustable mag catch
  • Threaded muzzle

Really nice rifles!

We took the ammunition that we had loaded and did a variety of shooting including:

  • Initial sight-in
  • Velocity testing (looking for low SD)
  • Long range shooting at various ranges out to 1,000 yards, and then 1,436!

With the ammunition we had loaded, the Seekins Havak HIT rifles, and the Crimson Trace Hardline Pro scopes, it seemed EASY to hit these targets at 1,000 yards and 1,436 yards. SO much fun, I didn’t want to leave!


Special thanks to the sponsors that helped make this trip possible!

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