Uncrating and Assembly: SnapSafe Titan XXL Double Door Modular Safe

If you want a safe that’s easy to move, and can get into basements, upstairs rooms or other hard to access areas, a modular gun safe is the answer! Snapsafe (a Hornady company) offers a variety of modular safes: In this story, we take a look at the Titan XXL!


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About the Titan XXL

You may be like me, and need a safe that can be easy to move, and that can easily fit through an interior door. I needed a solid option for a new safe here at the Ultimate Reloader Rifle Shop. So, I turned to Snapsafe. Let’s take a look at the Specs and features of this Super Titan Double Door XXL.

From the Product Page

Here’s all the security of a conventional, welded safe in an easy-to-assemble gun vault that moves anywhere piece-by-piece, then locks together in minutes with no tools. Super Titan home fire safe provides your documents, valuables, firearms and jewelry with protection from fire and theft.

Every Super Titan ships with one full shelf and full gun rack, plus a half gun rack with two half shelves, to let you configure your vault to meet your needs. The Super Titan Double Doors feature a full gun rack. The recommended capacity is 36 long guns (XL) or 56 long guns (XXL) when stored in sleeves with the muzzles up and down, fewer if your guns have optics.


    • Delivered right to your door.
    • Assembles in minutes without additional tools (wrench included).
    • Modular Assembly System.
    • Sledgehammer- and pry-bar resistant 3/16″ solid-steel door.
    • Thick 9 gauge 2-ply steel exterior walls
    • 2300°F one-hour Fire Shield protection.
    • Heat-activated door fire seals.
    • Internal panels are made of magnesium oxide (MgO) and are nearly impervious to fire, moisture, insects and mold
    • Comes standard with an EMP Lock that offers electronic or mechanical opening operation.
    • 14 1-inch chrome steel live locking bolts.
    • Spring-loaded relocker.
    • Powder-coated finish.
    • Lined interior.
    • Adjustable lined shelves.
    • One full shelf, one full gun rack, two half shelves and a divided shelf
    • Professional grade “non-breach seal” dead-bolt door.
    • Pre-drilled for floor mounting.
    • Lifetime warranty.

After checking out all the features on this safe, I knew it would be a great fit! So, I placed the order, and couldn’t wait for my new snapSafe to arrive.

Crate Contents

The safe arrived on time and I was ready to get to work! The Titan XXL comes with everything you’ll need to assemble your safe, including tools!
First of all, this safe is a beast! Once it arrived at the Ultimate Reloader Rifle Shop, I had my camera guy help me uncrate it, and team lift the heaviest panels (like the back panel, and double door panel) inside. 

Once we had the crate inside, it was time to take inventory. Here’s what came in my crate:

  • Top and Bottom Panels
  • Left and Right Side Panels
  • Back Panel
  • Front Double Door Panel
  • Fire Protection
  • Interior Panels
  • Gun Rack Panels & Interior Shelving
  • Brackets
  • Parts Kit, Hardware
  • Spokes for for Handle
  • Documentation (Parts list, Instructions)

Once I had the crate unpacked and inventoried, I was ready to start assembly.


For assembly, you should budget 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you’ve read the instructions, and have laid everything out neat and tidy, you’ll have a complete safe in no time.

In the above picture, we have the completed first phase of the safe assembly:

  • Assemble side walls, top, and bottom.
  • 4 studs on top and bottom, washers and nuts, bolted together
  • Finger tight so they can flex a bit

Then onto the next steps:

  • Set the back on floor
  • Set outer frame on top
  • Studs lined up, tightened it down
  • Stand it up
  • Install Double Door Panel
  • Put battery in Keypad

Then it’s time to finish things off:

  • Open doors to access interior
  • Start with fireproof blankets
  • Floor Support Brackets
  • Interior panels

One of the things I really like about the Titan XXL is all of the configurations you can chose from! I setup mine for “all rifle” storage. Note that the vertical center divider is optional here:

You can also dedicate one side of the safe for ammo and pistol storage, and leave the other side for long guns (as seen in the picture below). Overall, I’m very happy with this new safe!

Get the Gear

If you’re ready for a large modular safe, get it here: Snapsafe Super Titan Double Door XXL

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