Dillon No B.S. Warranty – Part 2 – After

**Update: I’ve heard of multiple experiences where Dillon has wanted to charge customers for this kind of service (fixes, etc). Your mileage may vary!

In my last post, I documented the “Before” part of Lewis Curtis’ Dillon XL-650 No B.S. Warranty story. In this post, I’ll follow-up with what Dillon decided to do with Lewis’ repair job.

Here’s what the box looked like when it was sent back from Dillon. The machine was sent in my old XL-650 carton, but it appears that a different box and packaging was used to send the machine back- perhaps a new one!

The refurbished XL-650 as returned from Dillon Service – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

The No B.S. Warranty stamp of certification is clearly visible on the exterior. At this point, I’m really wondering what we’re going to see when we open the box!

The Dillon stamp – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

The machine was packed as if it were a brand new machine, and with care. Dillon’s packing materials are high-end no expense spared affairs. Custom molded inserts and liners assure that the machine does not get damaged or marred in transit.

Here we see the summary of the repair work. Truly amazing. An extensive repair/reconditioning job was perofmed, and at no cost at all to Lewis!

Summary of work done – Total is $0.00 – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

It was very difficult to tell that this was not a new machine when we saw it come out of the box. Everything was in order, and man of the parts were replaced or upgraded depending on the part.

The unpacked contents – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

What’s amazing is that even cosmetic parts were replaced. Do you remember the chemically stained powder measure cylinders? Well, the powder measures came back with upgraded blue tint cylinders and looked gleaming new!

Looking good – new cylinders on the powder measures – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

This repair case demonstrates that Dillon’s “No B.S. Warranty” is fact, not fiction. I can’t speak for all cases, but this time, Dillon did an amazing job holding up their solid reputation. I’m really impressed, and feel great about the support that I will get with my Dillon products. These products may cost more, but the quality is top notch, and the service is second to none. Enough said!

The repaired machine assembled and ready to load 10mm – Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

We’ll see how Lewis does with his (now gleaming) XL-650 when he finishes his first loads!

**Edit: Note that Dillon Precision was not informed that this repair job would be highlighted on this website, and these articles were posted following the repair job.


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  1. Mr Dillon is the best in the bussiness and this just proves why. Many of my friends that reload feel the same as I do about Dillon Products. It’s all I use.

  2. No doubt Dillon is a top-shelf company, but I can’t help but wonder if your posting of this issue maybe put them under the spotlight and caused them to go “above and beyond”. Might have been better to hold off on posting any of this until the repairs were completed.

    1. I have a SDB back for repair, current bench time for repair service in ~ 2 weeks… Given Gavin posted these ~2 days apart – I have to assume he didn’t give any advanced notice skewing the integrity …

  3. Well if you boys look and that big red machine sitting next to the Dillon I will put it up against any Dillon. Have owned one since it came out and have had no problems. Did have one catch with the new bullet feeder with a drive gear and Hornady had one to me in three days with no cost. Never owned a Dillon but liked the features and quick change over on the Lock & Load better.

  4. Not sure if being in the spotlight had anything to do with or not. From my own experience, having a couple Dillon’s, a L-N-L, and a RockChucker and having dealt with all three companies, I’ve found them all to be extremely responsive but feel that without question Dillon is the top dog.

  5. Being a bit of a cynic myself I appreciate the skepticism voiced in the past two posts regarding Dillon being under the spot light. That said, like a previous poster in one of the past two threads, I’ve dealt with Dillon for about 30 years. I can all but guarantee that the situation would have been handled the same way whether they were “under the light” or not. I’ve witnessed this type of exceptional service with both my own and several of my friends Dillon products. Dillon has been nothing short of amazing, hence the reason for my initial response.

    I did however have an issue with an RCBS LoadMaster electronic powder measure where in my opinion RCBS let me down. I will state that technically they were within the terms of their warranty but it has led to the situation being that I haven’t purchased from them since that time. I simply wanted to pay for a part that had failed and have them send it to me. They insisted that I send the whole thing to them and pay for repairs. They had a chance to WOW me and let it slide as if my business meant nothing to them. I own close to $4,000 worth of RCBS’s equipment. They couldn’t have done less for me when I had a problem if they had tried. It was a problem that clearly was not my fault but happened to be just less than 1 month out of their electronic product warranty period. This problem was very obviously (guess you would really have to see it to believe me) a casting defect down inside the plastic hopper (I couldn’t have broken that part if I had intentionally tried). They basically told me to go fly a kite. I have similar investments in Dillon’s products and for the reasons demonstrated here they will continue to earn my business.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hornaday products that I own and am sure they would back their products just has Dillon had demonstrated. I even have some LEE equipment that I’m perfectly satisfied owning and they’ve helped me out when I needed it. I’ve just lost any love I had for Big Green. Here in lies the rub for companies in this business. I’m sure RCBS has many tens of thousands of customers that are satisfied with their products and services but it only takes a handful of customers like me to tell anyone interested where they failed to deliver to leave a bad taste in future customers mouths.

  6. I just re-read my post. I meant to say ChargeMaster instead of LoadMaster. It was RCBS’s top of the line powder measure.

  7. I also have RCBS products and am not happy with the 4X4 auto reloading press. The priming station has never worked very well and is a bad design. I see since they have come out with strip priming which I have never seen or worked in real life. The Dillon and Hornady priming setups are far the better unit. I have never heard whether they have come out with a better system adaptable to the auto 4X4, if anyone knows I would sure like to find it out.

    1. Robert, Have you called RCBS.? I have heard of a few people that had the 4X4 Auto with problems. RCBS replaced their 4X4 with a new Pro 2000 auto index press at no charge. Call them and find out. I love the APS strips, so much quicker than tubes.

  8. I’m glad to hear that Dillon honors their No BS warrantee. However, my RED machine has one as well. I’ve broken several parts through my own learning curve and Hornady drops them in the mail the same day I call. No complaints here.

  9. Frogbill I have found the same thing with Hornady, very good product and company to work with.

  10. “Looking good – new cylinders on the powder measures – ”

    Perhaps he wanted to stick with the “old-style” double-spring system with no powder measure fail-safe sys, but seems an unlikely choice ? Also all 3 ea. measures have the old black-coated powder bars which they claim are no longer used………

  11. A friend had a 650 that sat under his bench for about 12 years.Being an animate reloader I asked hum to bring it by the house so I could clean it up and start to use it.Hence when he brought it in my jaw dropped.Rust,dirt,peeling paint,you name it.It looked like a Hugh undertaking.The next day he called and said Dillon has a refurbishing service for around 60.00.So I contacted them and they told me what to do and so I did.They said it could be between 2 to 4 weeks depending how busy they were.Low and behold,I got it back in 5 days.It looked brand new and they replaced the powder alarm and the primer alarm.they also took apart the 3 tool-head assembles and cleaned and polished the dies.Ive been dealing with these guys for about 25 years now and their customer service,product quality and knowledge is second to none.No BS is an understatement.Plus they have very nice calendars.

  12. A friend had a 650 that sat under his bench for about 12 years.Being an adamant re-loader I asked him to bring it by the house so I could clean it up and start to use it.Hence when he brought it in my jaw dropped.Rust,dirt,peeling paint,you name it.It looked like a Hugh undertaking.The next day he called and said Dillon has a refurbishing service for around 60.00.So I contacted them and they told me what to do and so I did.They said it could be between 2 to 4 weeks depending how busy they were.Low and behold,I got it back in 5 days.It looked brand new and they replaced the powder alarm and the primer alarm.they also took apart the 3 tool-head assembles and cleaned and polished the dies.Ive been dealing with these guys for about 25 years now and their customer service,product quality and knowledge is second to none.No BS is an understatement.Plus they have very nice calendars.

  13. Following your lead, I shipped a 10+ year old RL550B back to Dillon for refurbishing. In my note I stated that I would gladly pay for anything above and beyond normal fixing. What I got back compared to what I sent was truly amazing. Although the machine was lightly used during that time, it had one heck of a buildup of dust and grime beyond what I thought would be possible to clean up myself. Dillon replaced one of the powder tubes (2 were sent) and replaced most of the lower workings of the machine. The repair bill showed over $200 dollars in parts and the machine looks as though it was new. My cost? ZERO

    Talk about no BS. Gotta love Dillon and its customer support. I was a believer before but this cemented my thoughts that Dillon is without question the top dog in the business. Thanks to all at Dillon!

  14. Just has a Dillon Casefeed motor burn out.
    Sent them an email.
    Was told they had a 1 year warranty and a replacement is $65.00 and in stock. Never asked my how long I had it or how to return it for repair or warranty work.
    Called their Tech support line and explained (I had a burned out motor on my casefeeder. They asked for my user name/ID and found it in theior database. Even though the casefeeder is probably 3-5 year old, the tech support contact never tried to sell me anything of have me send it back. He told me without hesitation he was sending out a replacement motor, it just snapped in place, and please send back the old one so they could get a credit back from the manufacturer.
    It all depends on who you reach and how they feel abut their no BS warranty I guess.
    I have 2 650XL systems, I wouldn’lt hesitate to buy more of their products.
    No BS from me either!

  15. I had to return a Dillon vibratory case cleaner CV-750 because the motor quit. I was surprised at Dillon’s response, they charged me $80.00 to rebuild the unit. When asked about the “No BS Warranty” the reply was “we don’t build motors.”
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my other Dillon equipment, but I was disappointed that time.
    I have since talked to friends that have had similar experiences with RCBS, but received full replacements for free. If mine fails again I may buy RCBS.

  16. I’m curious, how did you get this for free? Anybody who I’ve known who has sent a press in, has had to pay their refurbishment fee ~$70-$80.

  17. Mr. Fox,

    Same here, I was told the fee was $77.95. Still a good deal to have a 650 rebuilt that I rescued out of a barn a few weeks ago. The machine is currently at Dillon.

  18. If you are going to get a progressive press, the blue kool-aid is the only flavor to drink. Mine. arrived on my door step lest than 72 hrs after I ordered it. its tough as nails. When Dillon says no BS, THEY MEAN NO BS!!!!

  19. That’s quite a bit different than my experience. I bought a brand spanking new RL450 about 30 years ago, never had trouble till lately. Made the phone call, talked to Tim about my shellplate sticking. He only offered to send a new shellplate bolt and set screw, got huffy when I tried to explain the shelplate base seemed to be bent and refused to discuss sending that also. Tried to tell me if was my shellplate that was the entire trouble, till I finally made him understand it sticks with any and all shellplates I put on it so it’s something else. He told me it would cost over 300 bucks to upgrade my 450 and I might as well buy a new one.
    So no, i’m not too impressed. I spent the last 30 years bragging about the lifetime warranty and the first and only time i tried to exercise it was a bunch of BS. Lifetime warranty is a good way to sell presses, and it’s easy to blow you off when you try to use it.

  20. Dillon service has always been above and beyond. Yesterday I just received my 60XL from repair; the head would not stay in alignment. One call to Dillon and an RMA was given. Off it went and it spent 3 days at Dillon’s shop before I got an email with a tracking number, when I got it un packed very few parts were from my original machine and a was really surprised to see the pivot bolts now have zerk grease fittings installed, this alone was worth sending it is. They replaced over $200.00 worth of parts and many of them were not broken just discolored like the primer catch bin.


  21. Looks like most of the people who have tried to exercise the “No BS” warranty have not had very good luck. And the ones who brag about the “No BS” warranty are new buyers who have not tried to get anything warrantied.. figures..

  22. I did call Dillon first and they gave me a work order number to put on the outside of the box.

    I kept the dies here and cleaned them up in my tumbler. Dillon won’t work on other brands dies. The ones I bought with the press were, RCBS, Redding, and Hornady.

    I sent in the press, shell plates, pick up tubes, powder bars, and some spare plastic parts for the pick up tubes.

    Dillon sent me all new pick up tubes, handle, hinge, powder assy, new powder bars. They cleaned up the shell plates and tool heads a bit.

    I was quite shocked that I basically received a new press. Only thing original was the main frame.

    All for $68 refurb charge (of which included shipping).
    I have heard of Dillon’s no BS warranty but they really went all out. The best part was they told me it would be a 2 week turn around and in my case I got it back in 10 days or so. I added in the bullet tray, and the cartridge case bin and bracket.

    I am a bigger Dillon fan now then I was.

  23. I have used Dillon’s NO BS on a few smaller parts on my press. One that comes to mind is the primer index assembly on a 650. I would have to manually rotate the primer disk every once in a while because it was not engaging. I called them up and told them what was happening, instead of sending a spring, they sent me the entire assembly. No questions asked. I have also had a couple of other minor issues due to wear and called them and it was handled. I have always received my parts in a few days. I am an avid reloader and use my machine on a regular basis. I have utilized Dillon’s warranty and can say without any hesitation, they are a top notch company. I will always be a Dillon customer for life because they care about their customers.

  24. I have owned a 650XL for 20 years. I shoot competitively, and use it for a variety of handgun & rifle cartridges. At this point, it has a lot of miles. Various parts have worn and broken over the years, and have been replaced by Dillon at no charge. I don’t think I would ever send it in for repairs, as it is not particularly complicated, and shipping it seems like a hassle. When something has worn or broken, I have simply called Dillon, and told them what I needed. I have received the needed parts within a few days, always at no charge. Only once have they asked for the old part in return, (a .45 acp size die), and they shipped the new one prior to me sending in the old one.
    In my experience, their warranty is 100% free of B.S., and they will continue to have my business, and recommendation.

  25. By all rights the broken bowl should have been paid for. IMHO the owner took advantage of a good company trying to do right.

    1. Tony- we just sent the machine in (from my friend’s address, no prior communication). They decided to replace the bowl on their own. 🙂

  26. I would like to add a comment. 3 years ago I bought a used Dillon 550 B reloading press from a very old retired Marine in Oregon. At the time I bought the press it was at least 12 years old and had not been used for about 5 years. It was missing parts and while it was still functional, I had many questions regarding its use and possible updates to parts.
    I called Dillon and talked to a rep and he advised that Dillon had a program for guys like me who wanted to update a used press. He advised to package it up and send it to them with a check for $65.00 and they would inspect it, replace missing or damaged parts, lube and reassemble, repackage it and ship it back to me with all the updates.
    I sent it in and about three weeks later a box showed up at my door and inside was what appeared to be a brand new Dillon XL 550 B. I was stunned. The receipt showed over $325.00 in new parts.
    I still have the receipt and would be happy to show it to anyone who doubts this comment.
    Thanks from a very happy Dillon customer.

  27. I live 15 minutes from Dillon precision I stop by there while on my lunch hour when I want something new or questions about my 650. I bought my 650 in 1993 they have rebuilt it 3 times since I have reloaded over 100k rounds at least on it. The warranty alone is worth using their product since it’s so close to me why would I use anything else.

  28. I have also experienced Dillons no B.S warranty, I bought a brand new set of Dillon 9mm Carbide dies and when I would use them the sizing die would leave a score mark down the side of the casing, I called Dillon and they sent new die out immediately no questions asked, I also have a Dillon case feeder and have used it for just under a year to feed pistol brass with no issues, as soon as I started loading for .223 I began having issues with the bottleneck end of the casing getting caught under the feeder plate and the bottom of the bowl, called Dillon and they immdiately sent a brand new one, when I received that one I realized I had the same issue, after talking with one of their techs they transferred me to one of their design engineers who was extremely helpful and apologetic and stated that he would personally go down to the parts warehouse and put together a combination of case feeder and plate and feed 500 cases through to ensure it worked, two days later the new case feeder and plate arrived on my door step shipped via overnight fed ex no questions asked, I even sent the first feeder back to them via fedex and would up paying a considerable amount of money to ship it to them, I sent them an email complaining about the cost of returning their defective product to them to receive my no BS warranty and was emailed back within 1 day telling me that a credit has been issued to my account pending a copy of the fed ex receipt being emailed to them to verify how much was spent! So far in my experience, I have the Dillon XL650 and love it, what few problems I have had with it were swiftly and promptly dealt with, I had the Hornady Lock n load auto progressive and went through two of them with nothing but a series of problems the whole time and finally sent them back for a refund and added some money to that and went blue and never looked back!

  29. I bought a used Square Deal B from someone local for $250. I could tell it had a bit of surface rust and such but as he had his kids with him I wasn’t going to haggle more for it, figuring Dillon has a great warranty. Emailed Dillon, they wanted about $70 to work their magic. I’ll end up paying it, greasing the thing isn’t going to help from my end and I’ll have peace of mind. Shame I only ended up saving $80. I feel bad in my reply to their email asking “what about your no b.s warranty?” given how satisfied people are with the little money (comparison) that they were charged.

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