6 thoughts on “Read “The Blue Press” online!”

  1. Sorry, the last Blue Press I read will be the last one. It was the most recent one with the very interesting article about Dillon’s 1911. The weapon certainly has a fascination history. I shoot a 1911 in competition and enjoy the firearm. However, seeing as how I carry a ‘plastic’ Glock in 9mm and not the ‘correct’ calibre of .45 I doubt Dillon really wants or needs my future business. That Super 1050 would have looked really nice on the new reloading bench I am planning.

    1. In WWII my great uncle was shot several times by a German wielding a 9mm Lugar. One shot from my uncles .45 settled the issue. Don’t blame others for pointing out that your weapon of choice is underpowered and weak in comparison to the .45.

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