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  1. Sorry, the last Blue Press I read will be the last one. It was the most recent one with the very interesting article about Dillon’s 1911. The weapon certainly has a fascination history. I shoot a 1911 in competition and enjoy the firearm. However, seeing as how I carry a ‘plastic’ Glock in 9mm and not the ‘correct’ calibre of .45 I doubt Dillon really wants or needs my future business. That Super 1050 would have looked really nice on the new reloading bench I am planning.

    1. In WWII my great uncle was shot several times by a German wielding a 9mm Lugar. One shot from my uncles .45 settled the issue. Don’t blame others for pointing out that your weapon of choice is underpowered and weak in comparison to the .45.

  2. I loved the article on the M3 in the new edition of my Blue Press. In 1970 I was in Vietnam and bought one from a guy going home for $25 it came with 3 20 round mags.
    My primary reason for buying it was remembering all the WWII movies, but also because it was made in my hometown of Flint MI, at A C Sparkplug.
    I didn’t hang on to it for long as the opportunity to get a Thompson from a guy going home came up.But it was fun to have for a while, just kind of controlled as to what I could do with it.

  3. June 2018 Issue of Blue Press,The Browning M2HB .50 Cal. MG
    I was guarding the Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning in 1969. There was an M2 Browning 50 cal set up for antiaircraft use. I noticed an extra block of steel under the barrel,( about 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ long ). I asked the curator who ran the museum what it was. He told me with a straight face it was a bayonet stud.I told him that John Wayne, on a good day, couldn’t pick this up and carry it by himself. He still said that it was a bayonet stud. Another “good” idea from Uncle Sam. Hand of God I Swear. Keep up the good work Martin Faehner Sheffield Lake, Ohio

  4. I am searching for an article printed several months ago in Blue Press. The article discussed the Henry 44 and use of the weapon during the Civil War. I would like to share the article with a friend who teaches high school history. More than explaining the development of the weapon, the article presents the devastation of the firepower available The article also adds to the argument that the American Civil War was a precursor to WWI.

    Your help will be appreciated.


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