2022 SHOT Show: Dillon Precision’s New DA3000 Autodrive

While at the SHOT Show, I had a great conversation with Dillon Precision engineer Chris Kersey about the soon-to-be-released DA3000 autodrive. Here you’ll find a summary of our conversation.

NEW DA3000 Autodrive for the RL1100 and CP2000

If you’ve seen my stories on the CP2000, or the RL1100 then you’ve got to check this out! Imagine having a fully automated reloading solution to compliment your Dillon presses.

The DA 3000 is an Industrial custom control system that was built with these presses in mind.

  • Up to 3000 rounds per hour.
  • $2400 Base unit

expecting to get one in the Ultimate Reloader shop so stay tuned.

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One thought on “2022 SHOT Show: Dillon Precision’s New DA3000 Autodrive”

  1. Gavin:
    I’ve been a subscriber for years. Your ShotShow interview at Dillon’s booth of the DA 3000 auto drive was interesting, but for me and, I suspect, for most reloaders this machine seems an expensive and pointless excess.

    I own and use a Dillon 650 with auto case feed and other upgrades, I love it. But automated 3,000 rounds per hour output? That’s 60 50-round boxes of pistol ammo per hour. Who, other than an ammo factory selling ammo, needs that kind of output? And who, among your audience of craft reloaders, has access these days to the supplies necessary to feed that rate of output? I noted the machine running behind you but without brass dropping and no powder in the feed tube.

    I can’t find the powder I need available anywhere at any price. What we need is a return to normal supply channels, not a reloading supplies sinkhole.

    Just because something can be automated doesn’t mean that it should be automated. In my opinion the DA 3000 is a “solution” to a problem no one has. I doubt Dillon will sell enough DA 3000 units to pay for the engineering cost.
    Best regards,

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