UR 2021 Halloween Special

Halloween season is here, and it’s time to have some FUN! Here at Ultimate Reloader we’ve been planning some pumpkin destruction, and what fun it has been!


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Results By Caliber

Here’s some freeze-frames from our shooting, starting with 375 H&H:

This cartridge used 270 grain Hornady Spire Point bullets. Very good destruction!

Next up: 45-70:

You can see here how the “high hit” affected the destruction! Here Guy was using Hornady 350 grain round nose soft point bullets.

Then we had the wonderful 500 S&W Magnum!

This big bore handgun did not disappoint! We used Hornady 350 grain XTP bullets for this sequence.

And then the high-velocity king of this group: 22-250!

This was one of the unique explosions: with the front of the pumpkin blowing forward, and the back half of the pumpkin falling to the ground. The bullet blew up on impact and did not go through the pumpkin. Crazy! We used a 50 grain Hornady V-Max for this load.

243 Winchester was up next, and this popular hunting cartridge worked GREAT:

And then, for fun, 300 Blackout Subsonic:

OK, we were surprised at how “uneventful” this round was on the target. Here we were using Berry’s 220 grain plated bullets (very good for plinking!). You can see the “water plug” shooting upwards, kind of amusing. Perhaps an expanding bullet like a Hornady Sub-X would work better for this?

How about 224 Valkyrie?

For a 22 cal, things worked out quite well! The bullet did not explode like what happened with 22-250… Here we were shooting Berger 80.5 grain bullets.

Pumpkin + Diesel + Tannerite + 22-250

We had to see what would happen when we added some diesel and tannerite into the equation:

This was AMAZING. The pumpkin fragments when about 50 yards from the area of impact, but the diesel didn’t ignite! Work for next time.

This entire experience was fun from start to finish, we hope you enjoyed this story! We hope to do more of these in the future.

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The Ultimate Reloader Team

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