NEW: AutoTrickler V3 Powder Dispensing System: Bluetooth, All-New AutoThrow, Trickler Base

Today I am officially making a joint announcement showcasing and demonstrating the all-new AutoTrickler V3 precision electronic powder dispensing system developed by Adam MacDonald. You can read more about my partnership with Adam HERE). The AutoTrickler is the industry standard high-speed precision automated powder handling system, and it just got WAY better!

The V3 release for AutoTrickler adds the following:

  1. Bluetooth hardware integration and free mobile companion apps for Apple and Android devices
  2. An all-new CNC machined motorized powder measure (AutoThrow)
  3. An updated trickler base that makes fine-tuning the flow rate much easier

In this video, Adam and I walk through all of these updates and give a demo of the entire AutoTrickler V3 system:

Bluetooth Integration

What was the #1 most requested feature for AutoTrickler V3? Bluetooth integration, and it’s HERE! With hardware-level support for Bluetooth Low-Energy (a standard feature in Bluetooth 4, which is supported by most current mobile hardware platforms) the user interface and capabilities of the AutoTrickler system have been greatly enhanced.

In the picture above you can see the first release of the AutoTrickler app* which supports the following features (from top of app to bottom):

  • Current charge weight
  • Increment/decrement charge weight controls
  • Keypad (used to enter charge weights)
  • AutoThrow enabled indicator
  • Manual motor controls for AutoTrickler and AutoThrow

*AutoTrickler apps will be posted soon

For a demo of these new Bluetooth features, check out the video in this post.

All-New AutoThrow

The V2 release of the AutoTrickler system saw the introduction of the AutoThrow- an automated powder measure system used to dispense the “bulk charge” (about 2 grains below target charge weight). For V3, the AutoTrickler system now includes a totally new automated powder measure that addresses some issues with the V2 AutoThrow system (leaking fine ball powders, required tension adjustments).

Here’s a list of the enhancements and updates for this all-new AutoThrow:

  • Completely new powder measure replaces old 3rd-party powder measure and housing
  • Enhanced bulk charge adjustment with integrated scale (reads in approximate grains dispensed)
  • Optimized internal wiper enables problematic stick powders to dispense without jamming/cutting/stalling
  • Designed and machined to look great (you have to see it to appreciate it)

Enhanced AutoTrickler Base

For V3, the AutoTrickler includes an update base which makes it much easier to fine-tune the trickling flow rate, and also has more solid construction with three rubber feet.

Adjusting trickling flow rate is easy: you just screw the outboard foot (shaped like a tire) in or out in order to tilt the discharge tube. A steeper angle will increase flow rate (screwing foot out) while a shallower angle will decrease flow rate (screwing foot in). This make it easy to hit the optimal flow rate of approximately 0.5 grains per second.

This new base design is also more solid. Combined with the rubber feet the results is a quieter AutoTrickler that you can still hear for audible feedback on the charging cycle.

AutoTrickler Availability, Complete Systems and Upgrades

AutoTrickler is now available for pre order! You can order full V3 systems and upgrades if you have a prior version of the AutoTrickler system. For more information, visit the AutoTrickler website.

More To Come

I hope you are as excited about this new release of the AutoTrickler system as I am! I’ll be incorporating this system into stories that I publish (lots of them) in the upcoming months- so make sure you’re subscribed! What do you think of these updates? Please leave a comment!


One thought on “NEW: AutoTrickler V3 Powder Dispensing System: Bluetooth, All-New AutoThrow, Trickler Base”

  1. Gavin,
    Great review. I currently load with an RCBS Chargemaster and double check my thrown powder charge on an RCBS 505 before poring the powder into the case. I definitely like to be as precise as possible with my handloads, especially when shooting 750-1000 yards or farther. I have been reading a lot about the complete V3 AutoTrickler system and in your opinion is it worth making the upgrade from my current setup?


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