Precise Neck Thickness Inspection with the NEW iGaging EZ-DATA Ball Micrometer

Regardless of whether you want to calculate the bushing diameter for a sizer die, or to measure case neck thickness uniformity, a good ball micrometer (AKA Tubing Micrometer) is invaluable! I’ve been using these tools for a long time now, but I’m rather excited about my new EZ-DATA Ball Micrometer from iGaging!

Packed with Features

All iGaging EZ-DATA Micrometers have essentially the same features (both standard, and ball-type).

Above we have: (standard micrometer pictured)

  1. Insulated frame
  2. Power button (also used to calibrate)
  3. Inch/MM/ABS button – used to switch between english/metric, and to switch between “Absolute” and “Relative” measurement modes
  4. Data button- used to record data via the output port
  5. Ratchet thimble
  6. Lock
  7. Data output port
  8. Bluetooth data logging module (sold separately)

The difference between the standard micrometer and the ball micrometer is the anvil, which is egg shaped on the ball micrometer. This means it can be used to measure the wall thickness of most any tube (and easily fits into 22 caliber case necks!).

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to start taking measurements:

Included are:

  1. Ball micrometer
  2. Instructions
  3. Case
  4. Battery door tool
  5. Extra battery (CR2032, long life easy to find batteries)

As shown in the video, I like to use this ball micrometer with a stand when checking case neck thickness. Here we see a piece of 224 Valkyrie brass being checked:

What I really like about this particular setup is two things:

  1. Resolution of 0.00005″, accuracy of 0.0001″ – that’s a big improvement over my analog 0.001″ micrometer!
  2. Data output- I’ve been using this capability more and more for calipers and micrometers to gather statistical data for product evaluations- super-handy!

So, if you’re looking for a high-precision tubing micrometer that won’t break the bank, check out the iGaging EZ-DATA ball micrometer which is available at Brownells. Have you tried this tool? I’d love to hear your experiences!




3 thoughts on “Precise Neck Thickness Inspection with the NEW iGaging EZ-DATA Ball Micrometer”

  1. Gavin, Thanks so much for your expert detailing of ALL of your videos. I’m a novice ammo reloader, but your presentations are always great.
    I don’t have access to the type of machinery you use but I find it very informative.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Gavin, where can you get the stand you use. I love all the information on your videos. Keep up the great work!!!

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