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iGaging 400x WiFi Microscope: Unboxing, Overview, Demo

For a long time I’ve wanted a microscope in the shop. A microscope can tell some “interesting stories” that you can’t really understand any other way. From examining tool edges, to machining finishes, to inspecting granules of gunpowder, this is a must-have tool for me! In this article I’ll give a complete overview of the […]

Precise Neck Thickness Inspection with the NEW iGaging EZ-DATA Ball Micrometer

Regardless of whether you want to calculate the bushing diameter for a sizer die, or to measure case neck thickness uniformity, a good ball micrometer (AKA Tubing Micrometer) is invaluable! I’ve been using these tools for a long time now, but I’m rather excited about my new EZ-DATA Ball Micrometer from iGaging! Packed with Features […]