Quick Look: Lyman 68pc Master Gunsmith Took Kit

Gunsmithing is a lot of fun, but it’s a lot less fun when you don’t have the right tools (or can’t find your tools). Every professional or casual gunsmith therefore needs a good selection of tools, and a system of organization for those tools. So when I saw the new 68pc Master Gunsmith Tool Set from Lyman, I thought to myself: “That would be a great upgrade!”. Let’s check it out!

What’s In the Kit

The Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kit has a lot of the “fundamental” tools that you’ll get a lot of use out of. Here’s what’s included in the set:

Above we have:

  1. Ratchet handle (reverses by flipping upside-down)
  2. Grip handle
  3. 1911 grip bushing tool
  4. Glock sight tool
  5. Weaver scope base tool
  6. Pin punches (3 total, including one above 1911 grip bushing tool)
  7. Extended phillips bits
  8. Bit extension
  9. Phillips bits
  10. Hex key bits
  11. Straight slot bits

This is a very complete set of driving tools with the added bonus of the special tools (1911 grip bushing tool, Glock sight tool, Weaver scope base tool). And how about organization? Tools are no good if you can’t put your hands on them! This tool set has the sliding hanger tap (to easily mount the set/case on a wall or other vertical surface) and the interior of the case is very well organized. Love it.

Where To Get It

The Lyman Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kit is available from a variety of retailers, but if you’re looking for a great deal, I suggest checking this kit out over at Midsouth Shooters Supply. Look for more hands-on features using this tool set in upcoming gunsmithing stories!


One thought on “Quick Look: Lyman 68pc Master Gunsmith Took Kit”

  1. Looking forward to that alignment video.
    That Prazzi press is sweet. I’m leaning toward Forster co ax for my upgrade. RCBS summit press might be a contender. I figure a floating set up may be the best bet. Ironically I am getting good loads
    with my LEE breechlock. But I want to get a high quality press for the long haul.

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