RCBS Summit Press: Unboxing, Setup, Overview, Loading 6.5 Creedmoor

There are a lot of reloading presses out there that look the same, work the same, and are essentially “variations on a theme”. And then there’s the RCBS Summit– a press that literally turns the concept of the single stage reloading press on its head! Why? Because instead of moving the cartridge and shellholder, it moves the die. Crazy? Decide for yourself!

What’s In the Box

The RCBS Summit is ready to roll- just install the handle, the spent primer catcher, and bolt it down.

Above: When you unpack the box, you’ll find the following:

  1. Press assembly
  2. Handle
  3. Spent primer catcher and mounting screws
  4. Instructions

The setup is very simple, but you’ll need to decide what to use for mounting the press. Some options for the RCBS Summit:

  1. RCBS accessory mounting plate
  2. Inline  fabrication Ultramount (standard for RCBS Summit, or quick-change with #26 top plate)
  3. Bolt it to the bench!

I chose to use my standard mounting solution, the Inline Fabrication Ultramount (quick-change) with #26 top plate. It takes only about 3 minutes to attach the quick change top plate, and that means you’re “ready for business”.

The RCBS Summit in Action

Setting up the Summit to load is pretty much like any other single stage press. The dies screw into the bushing that’s mounted on the die carriage, and you snap shellholders (any standard shellholder will work!) into the top of the base. What’s different is the ergonomics, and how the press operates. The handle is way up in the air- and that’s actually nice. When you are sizing brass, the “hard part” of the operation occurs when the handle is out in front if you- making it easy to “pull down with some force”- without hunching/leaning over. It took less than 10 sizings to get used to the feel of this  press.

Above: Where conventional presses hold the shellholder on the top of the ram, the Summit has a “post” that serves the same purpose.

Above: Dies mount just like any other press (RCBS competition seater micrometer die from Gold Metal set shown).

After using this press for a short period of time- I’m totally comfortable with it, and everything has worked well once I made some minor adjustments (Ex: I had to tighten the die bushing after it backed out when removing a die). The fit and finish is great, and this press has a great ergonomic workflow.

If you’re looking for something truly different, give the RCBS Summit a try!




8 thoughts on “RCBS Summit Press: Unboxing, Setup, Overview, Loading 6.5 Creedmoor”

  1. Gavin,

    The question, I think, all your readers would like to have answered is: Is there a measurable difference in neck run-out using the same die and shell holder but different single stage presses?

  2. The biggest advantage of the summit is that it can sit and operate on a flat surface mounted to a board. Great for apartments or range loading. It has no press-based priming ability.
    It’s also quite heavy.

  3. Two questions: first how would you say this compares to the co-ax? Second would you suggest the gold medal dies over say forster benchrest dies for accuracy?

  4. Hey Gavin, couldn’t seem to find that particular die set with the Mic seating die which accommodated the bullet in the die.

  5. I don’t see any reason to change from my old 1968 RCBS loader. It has the original primer catcher with it that makes this catche look small. I can seat primers with it also. This may be the future but I’m not sold on it. My next loader will be a progressive style loader.

  6. Gavin,
    Does the RCBS summit press work with the “Lee Ram Prime” priming die set? and can you “Reform” brass with it? I’m thinking of ordering one in a few months to replace a cheap Lee aluminum “C-press” that I think is walking out of alignment, for reloading, 7.5X55mm Swiss, 7.62x54R, and .308 Win, and I already have the Lee dies and the Lee Ram Prime die for priming?

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