Redding GR-X Die: Overview, Setup, Operation

In my first 40 S&W post, I talked about the issues that necessitate special sizing operations for certain classes of range pickup semi-automatic pistol brass. In this video I talk through an overview of the Redding GR-X die for 40S&W, show the setup steps (with optional bottle and bottle adapter), and also show push-through sizing. This is a cool product, and it works very well.


10 thoughts on “Redding GR-X Die: Overview, Setup, Operation”

  1. I bought this tool after seeing your first post about it. It works great. I ran all of the cases I had on hand, ~600 or so. Didn’t take long. Every one of them came out bulge-free.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Lee Precision has a much better product that has
    been out for years, called the ‘Bulge Buster’ , and
    is probably alot cheaper than Reddings version.
    Less parts too.

    1. Here’s why…Redding sells for $72.49 thru Midway and the Lee Bulge Buster is $15.49 thru Midway.

      Now here’s the train of thought…the Redding GR-X die cost more so it has to be superior to the Lee Bulge Buster that cost $57.00 less than the Redding……RCBS has tried for years to discredit Lee Precision and Lee Precision just keeps selling more and more reloading equipment.

      But…’s not my money and if someone prefers the Redding GR-X setup…by all means go for it…it’s your confidence in your ammo that is important. And ihaving full confidence in your reloads is very critical…it will mess witih your mind and accuracy can suffer if your reloads are not 100% reliable. Been there before.

      1. Or can / will / does Hornady’s Full Length Sizer die do the job needed?

        Also, what about/what’s your thoughts and feelings on the Lee Bulge Buster Sizing Die?

  3. Lookinig into this entire matter on the unsupport case head such has in the Glock 40 S&W…..Lee Precision stresses that resized 40 S&W brass reloaded and chambered…with bulge from prior firing chambered in the same position could allow the case to rupture.

    Now this kowledge does at times enter my mind everytime I head out to my bullet stop dirt mound. I’ve never had an issue with any reloaded 40 S&W reload….I’m thinking it may be time to recycling all of my 40;s and buying all new brass. 500 new Winchester from Powder Valley will cost $137.00. Need a shipment of powder and primers/rifle bullets anyways.

    1. well the bulge can be removed but brass does get work hardened after a few reloading and the bulge even more so…just needed to clarify that,

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