RCBS Lube Die- Lube While You Load

In my last post, I gave an overview of some of the case lube products that I’ve used personally. These are the spray-on and wipe-on products that a lot of reloaders use on a regular basis. But there’s one more product that I use that’s interesting for those that want to load bulk quantities of rifle ammunition on a progressive reloading press- it’s the RCBS Lube Die.

This die will decap and lube in one step. If you’re loading on a 5-station progressive press, you can throw in this die just ahead of your sizing die. You charge the die with the supplied case lube, and it gets applied automatically as a part of the reloading process. Very cool! One thing that you need to carefully control with this setup is the quantity of lube in the die. If you over-do it, you can end up with a mess. What you won’t have is the mess associated with lubricating rifle cases by hand- that can be one of the most time consuming and unpleasant parts of reloading rifle ammo!

Here’s an example 5-station reloading setup that you could employ with this die:

  1. RCBS lube die (lube, decap)
  2. Full-length sizing
  3. Powder charge
  4. Bullet seat
  5. Bullet crimp (optional)

So, if you are reloading a lot of rifle ammo, you may want to give this product a thought…


8 thoughts on “RCBS Lube Die- Lube While You Load”

  1. Could you do a video of this running on an RCBS 2000 press? Curious to see how much force it takes and how much mess it makes.

  2. You need to always include a regimen of cleaning dies regularly. Polishing neck, body, full size and seating dies is critical to preserving the integrity of the dies and turning out quality reloads.

    1. Didn’t think it’d be a live link. Or that it would stretch across the box like it did. Well, it did on my end. Sorry about that. Just trying to help…

  3. Thanks for the video link Ron — that was helpful!

    Jim: I clean out my dies with Gun Scrubber and Q-tips. Hadn’t heard of polishing them. How am I supposed to do that?

  4. So would the sizing die in station #2, interfere with the priming function on a Hornady LNL AP? I’m assuming that the de-capping pin HAS to be removed.

  5. Did you ever review this? Is it suitable for large-ish batches of rifle brass? Say 3 gallon bucket of 308 brass?

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