7 thoughts on “Lee Classic Turret Caliber Changeover .223 / 5.56 to 44 Magnum”

  1. Very glad to see this series of reviews posted about the Lee Classic Turret. Great product, nice set of videos.

  2. Great videos and website!

    I am just getting started.

    I have carefully reviwed your site and videos and I was able to eliminate a progessive or single stage as a starting press.

    However, I am still confused on which turret press system to start with.

    I will starting out with 3 calibers: 45-70, 30-06 and 44 magnum. All large primer calibers.

    I have narrowed it down to 2 options:

    Should I go with the redding T-7 or the lee classic turret?

    I recognize you have limitations as to taking a specific stand, but any advice you have would be appreciated.

  3. Hey JD: The Redding T-7 is a precision instrument that features a great priming system (slide bar). It’s also more expensive, and doesn’t have auto-index. Finally it has a capacity of 7 -vs- 4.

    The Lee is more affordable, has auto-index, and interchangeable heads with 4 stations. The safety prime system works, but is more flimsy than the slide bar system on the Redding.

    Both are good values at their respective price points. For rifle only, I’d go with the Redding if you are precision minded, but for 44 magnum, the auto-index would be nice on the Lee.

  4. Gavin, let me start by saying you have done a fantastic job on videos on reloaders. It give guys like me a honest chance to see different machines in “real” action. I would like you to do a video on ” how I use my video camera, how to set up and upload to utube”. My question is now that you have set up and used the
    Loadmaster, Dillon 650, and the Hornady L&L progressive presses. Which do you think works the best. I currently have 2 loadmasters and 1 early Hornady pre l&l with a troublesome primer setup and poor wire ejector. I elimate a lot of problems with my press’s by washing,lubing, sizing and cleaning again on a single stage press. I elimate trash inside the progressive press that way. Got the idea from ‘Liberty Forever’ videos. Any way keep up the good work and you do not have to post the answer.

  5. Can you put the part numbers for the “addons” you have for this turret setup? I’m considering buying the deluxe set and wanted to duplicate your setup as much as possible. So if you could post that I could use that to check what I have already saved in my cart. Thanks a ton.

    Also have you ever reloaded .270 winchester with this turret press? If so how did it go?


  6. Ash…Lee Turret press comes in non progressive as well…I load all of my pistol and rifle ammo using a Lee Turret non progressive press. Pistol rounds include 9mm…38 special..357 Mag..40 S&W..45ACP. Rifle rounds include 223…308…30-06..7mm RemMag and 300 WinMag. Using full length sizing dies as well as Lee Collet neck sizing dies. Lee Turret presses will handle the 270 with ease. I use Lee sizing lube and that is a sweet product! But use a sizing lube unless you neck size only…with any full length sizing die! Lee Precision has many tutorial videos on YouTube as well.

    I always clean my primer pockets on both pistol and rifle ammo..always. Progressive presses are great..but if you’re loading for a 270 Winchester…you should clean your primer pockets on each reloading…should. Without a tumbler…about every other loading…I take a cotton swab after cleaning the primer pocket…I use finger nail polish remover…this is a mild concentration of acetone ususally..and it will remove all carbon residue left behind after using a pocket primer cleaner. Lots of tricks in reloading out there…suggestion…always have a dummy round with your desired bullet seated depth for your rifle rounds (Even pistol rounds!) for quick reference when reloading…double check before seating bullets….you can read between the lines that I made the mistakes years ago by not having a dummy round? You bet I did…you will learn from experience. You simply screw out the bullet seater a couple of turns…run the dummy round up to end of stroke and then screw back down the seater plug depth til it stops. Done on seating depth check. I always use a factory crimp die from Lee if crimping.

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