Reloading Primers – Widener’s Has Them!

Looking for reloading primers? A quick survey of Widener’s online shows that they have a good selection of Wolf and Winchester primers!

Not all types are in stock for each brand, but they have all types in stock if you don’t have to have a particular.

Specifically, they have the following in stock:

  1. Wolf Small Pistol Primers
  2. Wolf Large Pistol Primers
  3. Wolf Large Pistol Magnum Primers
  4. Wolf Large Rifle Primers
  5. Wolf Large Pistol Magnum Primers
  6. Wolf Small Rifle Pistol Primers
  7. Wolf Small Rifle Magnum Primers
  8. Winchester Large Pistol Primers
  9. Winchester Large Pistol Magnum Primers
  10. Winchester Large Rifle Primers
  11. Winchester Large Pistol Magnum Primers
  12. Winchester Small Rifle Pistol Primers
  13. Winchester Small Rifle Magnum Primers

They also sell CCI, PMC and Remington primers! My last order from them shipped quickly, and arrived as expected.

Thinks are looking better!

Happy loading,

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  1. Dear Sir: Is Kent Sakamota the same man who was customizing rifles thirty years ago? If so, he customized a Colt Sauer 30.06 for me that I still hunt with today! Dan Brooks

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