LEE Six Pack Pro: KMS² UFO Press Light and Inline Fabrication Mount

KMS² just released their UFO SP press light for the LEE Six Pack Pro. Midsouth Shooters Supply sent along a LEE Six Pack Pro for me to work with and Inline Fabrication sent a No. 95 quick change top plate for their Ultramount system




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About the LEE Six Pack Pro 6000 Progressive Press

From Lee

The culmination of nearly 40 years of progressive press design and production. Years of comments and suggestions have been incorporated into this new press.


Six stations allow any brand of die be used — in line bullet feed dies, powder check dies and such.

Simple and reliable automatic indexing — just one moving part, replaceable in seconds, no tools required and never requires adjustment.

Stroke and clearance sufficient for largest magnum rifle cases. Uses the same all steel linkage found on our Classic Cast 50 BMG press.

Massive 28.4mm ram glides through 82 mm of solid steel giving the ram over 7300 mmof solid support.

All dies securely fastened in the upper die carrier with the LEE Smart Lock Bushings. No more turret or tool head to replace or move during use.

Automatic priming system – simple, reliable and safe with any brand or size of primer. Primes at the bottom of stroke so all six stations are available for operations.

Automatic case inserter works with any case. Cases can be manually fed through the convenient loading port. Includes the Lee case feed magazine, works with most hand gun cases and all AR rifle cases.

Easy to set case retainers on every station. No springs, plugs or buttons to loose or tinker with. 

Cartridge changeover in seconds, including primer size with no adjustments.

Automatic case ejector reliably whisks away your completed round to the ammo bin. Press includes combination tool rack, bin bracket, along with free ammo bin. 

Product information:

Maximum cartridge overall length

30/06 3.340″ C.O.A.L.

Base material


Columns material




Ram diameter

Over 1″



Shell plate carrier material


Shell plate carrier cover material     

Zamak 5 Zinc

Tool head material


Die size accepted

7/8″ x 14

Number of die mounting holes


Breech Lock Quick Change bushings


Priming feature

Yes, no primer brand restriction

Spent primer collection tube


Country of origin

Proudly made in USA


Six Pack Pro Reloading Press only # 91823 $350 MSRP

Six Pack Pro Kit: includes Six Pack Pro Reloading Press, Auto Drum Powder Measure, appropriate shell plate, Universal case feed magazine, and Lee Breech Lock dies. $500 MSRP available in popular calibers

What’s in the Box

The Lee Six Pack Pro kit came with everything I needed to load except the components. It also comes mostly configured. The shellplate was pre-installed with the primer slider. I had to add the spring for the primer slider and install the dies, which were in the bushings but were not adjusted. To adjust them I used one of my own dummy rounds – a Hornady 240 grain XTP bullet in a 44 Magnum case. 

The powder measure required some installation. I just had to screw the top part into the powder die then fill the reservoir with powder and adjust the load. With the bullet seater set in station 6, I could see directly into the case interior but not really discern anything – it was too dark. I added the  KMS² UFO SP press light, which illuminated all the stations and made it easy to see everything. 

Installation of the UFO SP Press Light

This light comes with everything you need – a light strip, power adapter, inline switch, scuffing pad and wire clips.

The toolhead on the Lee Six Pack Pro is very easy to remove – take out the springs, bolts and indexing rod and it lifts right off.

I used acetone on a shop towel to wipe off all the grease and scuffed up the downward facing side of the toolhead.

I then dry-fit the light strip on the toolhead before removing the adhesive backing and sticking it down.

I slid the wire guides into place then reinstalled the toolhead and indexing rod. The wire slips into the wire guide clips. Next is installing the inline switch and connecting your power supply into the wall outlet. 

While this is a lot of light, it comes down evenly and I can’t imagine using this press without it anymore. 


One of the first things I did was add an Inline Fabrication quick change top plate.

This plate came with all the needed hardware to secure it to my low Ultramount. The Lee Six Pack came with a case feed system but I decided not to use it. Lee also sells a separate bullet feeder which can speed up the loading process. 

I also consulted Hodgdon’s online Reloading Data Center. Always remember to check your load data with at least two OEM sources!

Loading ammunition on the Lee Six Pack Pro was almost a “worst case” scenario for pistol ammunition: very tall case, small powder charge and previously fired brass. Priming happens at the bottom of the stroke, but Lee has upgraded its system to prevent primer chain detonation. They did this by adding a slide bar to separate the priming area from the primer reservoir. 


This press was easy and relatively quick to load on. I could have sped up the process by using the Lee case feed system and bullet feeder. The UFO press light was a great upgrade and I greatly appreciated the Lee Six Pack Pro’s upgraded priming system for safety. 

Get the Gear

Find the Lee Six Pack Pro 6000 Progressive Press at Midsouth Shooters Supply.

You can find UFO Press lights at KMSSquared.com. Save 10% with code UR10.

Ultramounts are available directly from Inline Fabrication.

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