AMP Press Updates – Shot Show 2023

We caught up with Matt Findlay of Annealing Made Perfect at the 2023 SHOT Show to review updates to the AMP Press


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AMP Press and Updates

The AMP Press is not just a press but also a high-tech diagnostic tool. It measures and records the forces involved when seating bullets.

We ran through a brief demonstration of the press at SHOT Show, but have detailed the entire process here as well.

Since the video above was filmed, AMP has added a number of software updates. 

The very first software version had some compatibility issues with the various versions of software and computers people were using. To amend this, Matt explained that they did an entire software rewrite for greater compatibility and stability. If you don’t have this latest version, be sure to go to and download the newest version (under Downloads). The newest version, as of SHOT Show 2023, is 3.4.1. 

The AMP Press firmware has also changed. When you first connect your press to a computer, there will be a red box in the corner of the screen. Go to Setup – Advanced – Firmware Upgrade inside the software and select “Firmware Upgrade”. The upgrade will take between five and ten minutes.

Also new is Bluetooth capabilities. The press no longer needs to be connected to a computer via a physical cable. To do this, go to the command tab inside the software and select “Bluetooth Connect.” 

With the new rewrite came a simpler user interface. With the original AMP Press software, you had to make a profile for each cartridge, select sessions, etc. Now traces and data will save much like a Microsoft Word document would. Select File and a drop down menu will give you options for a new session, open a session, save session, save session as or load compare. 

You can also export a single trace to Excel (CSV) or all traces in the session. You can also export the graph to an image or PDF. In PDF, the graph covers page one with the legend and data on page two. Under the File menu, “Show Log Directory” is also important. If you ever encounter an issue with the software, Matt asks that you contact AMP with details so they can investigate. The log directory is a record of what happens in the background as well as all the commands the user has executed. Users can send this log directly to AMP for analysis. 

Matt explaining log directory in AMP Press software in order to diagnose problems if needed.

When viewing data, no longer do you have to select sort by options from a drop down menu. Instead, data is easily sortable by selecting the individual column. 

While not part of the current upgrade, Matt explained that next up is a software addition that will allow users to add in the velocity for each round after they shoot it. After all this info is added, users can sort by velocity and watch as the software color gradients the traces from fastest to slowest (red to blue). This should allow the user to see what part of the trace matters. Right now, it isn’t clear. AMP also has aspirations to allow for target data input. This hasn’t been fully worked out yet. Starting out, target data input will likely just be the ability to record a flyer. This may prove extremely valuable in figuring out what differed between the flyer shots and other rounds. 

Matt explaining how future uploads will include the ability to add velocity to specific bullet traces retroactively.

Finally, AMP has also added a protection framework to the motor so that if the load cell is disconnected or loses data, the ram will stop. This is to prevent the ram from maxing out and burning out the motor. 

50 BMG? 

With my upcoming 50 BMG build, I asked Matt about the ability to load 50 BMG on the AMP Press. He explained that the current horseshoe retainer was designed for the bottom cup of Wilson in-line seating dies. 50 cal dies have a much larger diameter, so AMP has made a larger diameter horseshoe retainer that can be swapped out by removing two bolts.

Updated Horseshoe retainer to for 50 Cal Cases

They also released a ram extension with a shorter thread and lock nut that accommodates tall 50 BMG dies. Matt also explained that AMP didn’t find that loading for 50 BMG required any additional force than seating bullets for any other round, so the AMP Press is more than capable. 


AMP is constantly striving to collect more data and use it to learn and educate. The goal with the updates is to not only make the software better and simpler, but also to allow for future correlation between variables like seating depth and velocity.

The AMP Press gives a true graphical representation of what’s happening. It’s amazing how seemingly minor things, like brushing the case neck, can affect bullet seating. There are many other variables you can test and measure with the AMP Press that you couldn’t otherwise! 

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