Primal Rights PrimeWhere Depth Checker

Primal Rights’ new PrimeWhere Depth Checker will help you get an accurate measurement of primer seating depth — no more guessing! This pairs nicely with the Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater


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About PrimeWhere

From Primal Rights:

The PrimeWhere is our new patent pending primer and primer pocket depth gauge. This tool allows you to precisely measure primer pocket depth, seated primer depth, and overall primer height.

PrimeWhere Setup Guide Video

Digital ONLY features:

One ten-thousandth resolution allows the ultimate in precision! 

Bluetooth technology allows connection to a number of devices for data logging and ease of visibility. (phone & stand pictured not included) (indicator stand available for purchase separately)

These indicators are produced for us by the best drop indicator manufacturer in the world, to ensure the most reliable, repeatable, and durable performance. 

Our indicator body and collar system allows centering of a variety of cartridge case diameters. Simply slip on the correct collar, and your case will be properly centered for precise measuring.

The large billet aluminum indicator stand is heavy and has great stability on the bench, allowing single handed operation of the PrimeWhere. 

What’s in the Box

PrimeWhere is available in both an analog and digital option. Each of these options is a combination of a dial indicator and a body. (Note that the bodies are not the same length for the analog and digital option.) 

The next step is to order an individual collar based on the diameter of case rim ranges you will need. The base is also sold as an extra. 

I have two full kits to show, one analog and one digital along with all the individual collars and stands. 

We also are debuting Primal Rights’ PrimerWhere Poly. This is the first time anyone has seen the 3D printed budget kit that works with particular (and affordable!) dial indicators. 

Set Up

Pulling out a 5/64 and 3/32 Allen key screwdriver, I got to work setting up the kits. I really love the ball end Allen keys, especially for jobs like these. 

I have the bases for both options, so I was able to connect each dial via a single screw on the side that pulls a clamp together. Put the base on its back, center the dial indicator within the clamp, and point the indicator needle true North. Tighten then flip the base back up to its vertical orientation. The next step is to get the body set to the proper height. This is especially simple with the digital unit.

Take one of the collars and push down on the needle so it is flush with the top of the body, then press the green button to zero. On the analog unit, push down on the body with the collar and simultaneously loosen and tighten the set screw until the needle is pointing almost vertical. Keep in mind that each revolution of the needle is 100 thousandths of an inch and there will be a bit of travel as you make adjustments. You can also rotate the whole dial to zero it perfectly via another clamp.

Primal Rights has an in-depth set-up video that covers every detail and nuance of PrimeWhere set-up. 

Checking Depth

I have a few 6.5 Creedmoor hunting cartridges and would like to check depth. The first step is to find the right collar. Referencing a print-out from the Primal Rights website, the proper collar is #2 (.308 WIN). The rest of the collars can be conveniently stored in the top of the indicator stand. 

The vertical position of the collars is not incredibly critical, but do give them a quick turn as you install them to lock them in place. The collars exist to center the case rim on the top of the body so the primer is properly located over the needle. The first cartridge measured close to 0 but a little bit negative. Moving from analog to digital yielded a reading of -0.0002 inches. The second cartridge measured -0.0025 inches. The third cartridge came in at -0.0024. The digital PrimeWhere gives greater precision, but the analog option is a bit faster and easier to see quickly when doing lots of checks. The digital option does have the ability to pair with your phone and mirror the PrimeWhere display via bluetooth. 

Seating Primers

Having checked loaded ammunition, I decided to use PrimeWhere to dial in the primer seating depth. I opted to use the Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater for my small rifle primers, easily loaded into the Primal Rights tube with the aid of PrimaFill from Double Alpha Academy. This affordable tool can accommodate both small and large rifle primers. I never want to go back to stabbing primers again.

I measured a Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor case primer pocket with the PrimeWhere and also the height of the small rifle primer. Primer pocket depth measured -0.1222 and primer height measured 0.1179. You can measure primer height by removing the collar, balance the primer on top of the needle, then push down on the primer with the collar. I already had backed off the depth on the competition primer seater so I could use the adjustment wheel to fine-tune the measurement. 

My math says I would bottom out at 0.0043 thousandths of an inch. I selected 0.0005 thousandths as a good starting point with a little bit of crush. 

I seated the primer then measured the case: -0.0026. I moved another few clicks — each of which is a thousandth of an inch of punch movement. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily translate to exact primer seating depth. -0.0047, the next measurement, has just a little bit of crush — an ideal result. 


PrimeWhere is a great tool for establishing primer height, primer pocket depth, and for validating your primer seating depth. I see value in this for all ammunition, especially hunting and match ammunition. Consistency of primer seating depth can affect accuracy. 

Get the Gear! 

Purchase PrimeWhere directly from Primal Rights: $250 for analog indicator, an extra $275 for digital. The collars are $25 a piece and the stand an extra $200. 

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