Complete Hand-Built Rifles by Bruce Thom (Bat Machine)

Can you imagine building a rifle from scratch (including the action) in High School shop class? That’s exactly what Bruce Thom of Bat Machine did when he was just 16 years old! In this story, we’ll look at some of his early rifle builds, and a recent one too!

It was very inspiring to see Bruce’s early rifles in person, and to hear from him how he hand crafted them. I’m sure the other kids at his high school were speachless!

Bat Machine Factory Tour

Fast forward to the current day and things are quite different for Bruce! You’ll want to check out my factory tour story to see how Bat Machine makes some of the worlds most accurate actions:

Now I’m inspired to go and build my own rifle action with manual machines, just to experience the process!

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3 thoughts on “Complete Hand-Built Rifles by Bruce Thom (Bat Machine)”

  1. Awesome video!!!! Bruce is a genius. He’s explaining how he made machined things so casually, haha.

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