New LEE BL light + Save 10% Site-wide at KMS Squared

If you are looking for a press light, you’ll want to check out these latest light from KMS Squared, maker of the UFO Press light family of products! Plus, save 10% site-wide!

NEW UFO BL Light for LEE Breech Lock / Pro-4000

It’s all new! From the KMS Squared product page:

Unmatched Performance
The UFO BL out performs all similar products and
sets the standard which all other lights are measured.

We truly believe once you have used a UFO
series light you will wonder how you ever
reloaded without one.

High Quality Adhesive
The UFO BL includes 3M 300LSE adhesive. This
is specifically designed for finishes such as what
is found on the Lee Breech Lock Pro.

If the surface is clean, it will stick and it will
stay put!

Optimal Light Angle
The UFO BL’s light points straight down into your
cases so that you have the best view possible.
This allows you to see inside the cases.

Streamlined Installation
Wiring exits to the rear of the press ensuring that
it stays out of the way.

Save 10% on ALL UFO Press Lights

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