CONVERT your AR-15 to 22LR in Seconds (CMMG Drop-In Conversion Kit)

Written by Travis Fox

Want to shoot your AR-15 without the need for 223 Ammunition, and with less recoil? Let’s check out the CMMG 22LR AR conversion kit! If you are having a hard time finding 223/5.56 ammunition, you will be interested to check out the 22LR conversion kit from CMMG for your AR-15! In this story we will show you what’s included, how it’s installed and test it in our AR.

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Unboxing / What’s in the package

What do we get here with this conversion kit? This kit comes with the following:

  • Blowback operated 223/5.56 to 22LR bolt carrier
  • Rubber protector for bolt carrier tip
  • Three 25 round polymer magazines.

What additional items are needed to complete this project? To get going at the range an AR and 22LR ammo is all you need.

Is this an easy to install and use kit? It is so simple to change over to the CMMG 22LR AR kit! It took me about 68 seconds the very first time I tried. Each time after that it took me about 40 seconds, it’s that simple! It takes longer to fully load one of the mags than it does to switch over from 223/5.56 to 22LR and back even.

Clear the rifle and make safe before you start the conversion. Separate the upper and lower, remove the standard bolt carrier group. You then instal the conversion bolt and connect the upper and lower as normal. Go to the range, load mags and commence the fun times!

Does it work?

Does it work and is it accurate enough for short range practice? Absolutely, as long as you are using high velocity ammunition. You are not going to win any accuracy matches with this set up but it is more than adequate for keeping up your skills. For Gavin and I, “minute” of 10in plate at 50yds was excellent. 

Additionally, this will be a great tool to use for introducing new shooters to the AR platform. Less recoil while learning the firearm platform will help new users become familiar with the controls.

Here’s a summary of our testing with three different types of ammunition:

  1. SK Semi Auto: Shot fine, did not cycle the action (not high-velocity)
  2. Federal Game Shok 40gr: 100% functioning
  3. American Eagle High Velocity 38 grain Copper-Plated HP: 100% functioning


Does this conversion kit get the Ultimate Reloader stamp of approval? Absolutely! In these times of ammunition/component scarcity this gives options to shooters. Finding bulk 22LR can sometimes be easier than 223/5.56. This kit gives that option at a great price. Any chance to keep skills up and familiarize new shooters to a platform is a good thing. Basically two rifles for a lot less than another rifle.

One thing to note with this kit, when converting back to 223/5.56, make sure to clean the gas tube and components as 22lr tends to run “dirty”. 

Get the Gear

If you want to buy the 22LR AR conversion kit, you can get it directly from CMMG:

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Travis Fox

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