UFO Press Lights: New Dimmer, Updates, Save 10%

If you are looking for a press light, you’ll want to check out these latest updates from KMS Squared, maker of the UFO Press light family of products!

NEW Dimmer

KMS Squared just released their new dimmer, and what’s great is that it will work with all UFO press lights (even the older models).

Improved Adhesive on Lock-N-Load AP Lights

If you haven’t yet purchased a light for your Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, you’ll want to consider the updated KMS Squared UFO Press Light for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP. It’s got adhesive that’s improved over the original, and as previously stated, will work with the new dimmer switch (sold separately).

Save 10% on ALL UFO Press Lights

If you need a UFO press light, I have good news! With the UR10 discount code, you can save 10% on any UFO press light at KMSSquared.com!

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One thought on “UFO Press Lights: New Dimmer, Updates, Save 10%”

  1. Nice option I wish I’d known about when I bought my light kits for both of my Dillon presses some years ago, but that said I have a question for you.
    Assuming I wish to have a light setting below maximum and use that for a loading session then quit for the day (GASP! I KNOW!!! QUIT LOADING?!? LOL), when next I turn the light on for another loading session, will I need to search up or down to my desired setting or will the light turn on and return to the last setting, whatever I had previously selected?
    Seems like it would be an unnecessary requirement to toggle up or down repeatedly to find my desired setting and run the risk of wearing out the setting toggle device.
    A small criticism I know, but I try to find and participate in actions with the least amount of repetition as possible, especially when it comes to reloading since changes can lead to errors whether it be in powder drop weight or etc.
    If that isn’t the definition of OCD or, dare I say, “anal,” I don’t know what is but at my age (in my 7th decade of existence on this lovely planet and over 50 years of reloading (YEEAAHH!!), EVERY few seconds saved and lack of unnecessary fiddling about adds up and means MORE time cranking out ammo of various calibers and practicing warding of Zombies for the inevitable (??) Zombie Apocalypse. LOL
    Anyway, I’d appreciate knowing what the deal is but doubt I’ll shy away from buying a couple of these dimmer switches just because of a tiny amount of extra effort on my old carcass.
    And, Gavin, THANK YOU for your excellent video and ALL of the various videos you’ve produced and provided over the years! Even at my advanced (!!) age I admit you can teach an Old Dog (me) some new tricks and I hope to be able to continue to learn more as well as a fair number from YOU.

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