2019 New Products from ATN: Interview from the 2019 SHOT Show

ATN has made a name for themselves in the electro-optics industry, and have rapidly increased market share over the last few years. One of the reasons ATN has been successful is their integration of multiple technologies into their scopes and other devices. While at the SHOT Show this year, I had the opportunity to talk with Steve Lemenov from ATN Corporation, and learned the “latest news” fromĀ  ATN!

New Products for 2019 From ATN

Last year, ATN introduced The THOR-4 Smart HD scope (thermal night vision), and the X-SIGHT 4K PRO (day/night, with 4K sensor). This year, ATN takes it to the next level with a some new product releases!


Do you recall the scene from Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is looking through some “smart binoculars”? When I looked through the BINOX 4K optic at the SHOT Show, I almost felt like Luke Skywalker- but in 2019, not the futuristic view from 1977 :).

From the ATN product page, here’s what the information overlay looks like:

For this new release, ATN upgraded the sensor from standard HD to 4K, and this new binocular even has an integrated 1000 yard capable laser rangefinder! This device also includes dual stream HD video (to a mobile device + recording to an SD card) capabilities which enables a “team hunting and scouting scenario” – crazy. There’s also a built-in IR illuminator for night viewing.


ATN also introduced a thermal night vision optic that will help bring down the “barrier to entry” for thermal night vision hunting scenarios: the ATN THOR LT. Starting at $1199. (3-6 power) this new scope from ATN brings the core technology from the THOR 4 lineup into a basic package at a much more affordable price point. The THOR LT will be available at two price points: the 3-6 power model, and the 4-8 power model.

BIX – Ballistic Information Exchange

One of the advantages of ATN products is technology features and integration. Examples include one shot zero, Recoil Activated Video recording (RAV), audio recording, integrated IR illumination, 4K sensors, Aux integrated laser rangefinders and more. Now ATN has introduced a new technology called BIX- Ballistics Information Exchange. With BIX, multiple ATN devices can exchange information (example: range data from the BINOX 4K binoculars sent to an ATN scope) in realtime. This means you can get on target faster, and realize more value from your ATN gear when they “work together”.

I’m hoping to get “hands on” with some of this new ATN technology- so make sure you’re subscribed and look out for some crazy technology, hunting, and shooting stories!




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