SilencerCo Omega 30: First Range Day

Some of the great things in life take a long time to achieve. For me, the dream of having suppressors is one of those things! Having a “can” will open up exciting new capabilities, like being able to hunt without hearing protection (or hearing damage!). Here on Ultimate Reloader, I’ll have a bunch of content related to suppressors in the coming months and years. Yes, it’s hard work, but someone has to do it! In this story, I’ll give you all a look at the SilencerCo Omega 30 caliber suppressor (now called the Omega 300), both the 300 Blackout, and with 7.62x39mm.

SilencerCo Omega

The SilencerCo Omega is a 30 caliber suppressor with:

  • 5/8″x24 direct thread mount (other mounts available)
  • Fully welded construction
  • Full-auto rating
  • Up to 300 Win Mag cartridge support
  • Integral muzzle brake
  • Construction: titanium, stellite, stainless steel
  • 14oz weight

This supressor is both rough-and-tough, and I think it’s good looking too!

Omega 30 with 300 Blackout AR-15

In my last story, I talked about the Sharps/Anderson 300 Blackout AR-15 that I put together: (literally, slapped the upper and lower together, I didn’t assemble this one 🙂 ).

Since the Anderson upper comes threaded for 5/8″ x 24TPI, all I had to do was remove the flash hider and screw on the Omega. That was it! I couldn’t wait to try the 300 Blackout subsonic rounds I loaded with 190 grain Midsouth Match Monsters. Oh what fun those are!

I also shot some 155 grain Midsouth Match Monsters loaded supersonic. The 155 grain loads performed 100%, while the 190s had a couple “First round feed” issues, not jams- just wouldn’t strip off the first round. I later found out (thanks YouTube audience) that MagPul makes 300 Blackout specific mags that address this feed issue (long subsonic rounds). So I’ll look into that! For indoor shooting, the subsonic loads were not bad, but I still felt like it would be a good idea to wear hearing protection. I’m sure hearing protection would not be needed at all shooting them outdoors. The supersonic loads had a bit of a crack, but were WAY quieter with the Omega compared to without a suppressor.

I’m just getting started with 300 Blackout, and am already learning a LOT. It’s been a fun journey, and will continue to be! Can’t wait to try more powders, bullets, and load levels.

Omega 30 with AK and 7.62x39mm

As most of you konw, the AK-47 is equipped with a M14x1.0mm threaded muzzle with left-hand threads. So what do you do if you want to run a can? There are a couple options: first, you can get direct thread adapters for cans in M14x1.0mm LH (I didn’t see one on the Omega accessory page), or get a muzzle thread adapter. Fortunately I’ve already installed a KNS Precision AK Thread Adapter which adapts the AK muzzle threading from to 5/8″ x 24TPI. Problem solved! The only thing you need to be mindful of with this adapter is to torque it down well. Otherwise when you tighten a muzzle accessory (like a can) you can loosen the muzzle adapter, and that doesn’t help things any.

Once you have this adapter installed, it’s as if you have a standard English right-hand threaded muzzle. Awesome. Before installing the can I did some shooting and WOW was that loud! Below you can see below that my AK belches fire as well!

The AK is LOUD inside a gun range! Wow- it has quite a boom/crack and echo. Once I started shooting with the Omega installed, things were totally different.

Looks “All Business” eh?

The AK all of the sudden became much more “civilized”. Now I could tolerate an all-day shooting adventure indoors with this rifle. And during winter, that’s nice- especially when picking up the “trash” (steel cases). I’d love to be able to measure the reduction in recoil between unsuppressed and suppressed here- I think there’s a big difference. I was shooting 122 grain Tul-Ammo, and the AK was 100% functioning with and without the suppressor (as it has been since day 1!). I can tell you, this suppressed shooting is amazing- just try and wipe the smile off your face when you’re done- not easy.

What’s Next

When it comes to the Omega, I’m just getting started. I’m looking forward to trying this out on the many rifles that I have with threaded muzzles. I can run this can direct with 5/8″ x 24TPI threaded muzzle, and use a busing to “step up” 1/2″ x 28TPI threaded muzzles. Lots to try and experiment with!

And then there’s the Hybrid, and the Osprey 45. These cans are going to keep me busy for a long time!

What are you all running for suppressors? Do you reload the ammo you shoot with them? I’m looking forward to hearing your stories! Please leave a comment.


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