Best Day Ever: Shooting Clays with the MEC 100E ATA

After a long cold Winter, each sunny day feels like magic. And it’s even better when you can get outdoors and do something fun with friends to enjoy the experience. This was just one of those days. I had recently put my MEC 100E ATA together, and was very eager to try it out.

A Magical Day

I was joined by good friends, and a new guest: Cole Grocie. Cole is an experienced (sponsored) trap shooter, just the right person to help put the MEC 100E ATA through its paces. Here is my recount of a truly awesome day!

We had such a good time with the target thrower- we shot all of the last batch of shells I had loaded on the MEC 9000E, and ended the day with a 3-way round robin session with many many successive hits. High-fives all around! The equipment worked perfectly, the ammo functioned perfectly, and we busted a ton of clays. All while feeling new-found sunshine rain down on us: a truly memorable experience.

Above: Cole Grocie busting a clay target. Now that’s a satisfying feeling!

What’s Next

It was great to get some field time with the MEC 100E ATA- and now that I am familiar with all of the features, I’ll next go in-depth on features, specifications, setup, and accessories (make sure you’re subscribed).

Here’s how I had the MEC 100E ATA setup, and how it looked after a good washing (following the dust and mud bath it got that day):

The T-Cart is an absolute necessity for me, and I even bolted on a 2″ hitch adapter (more on that later). I’m looking forward to going into detail on how to get the most out of this kind of machine. I’m also looking forward to a LOT more trap shooting with this piece of gear. Stay tuned!

Product pages: MEC 100E ATA, MEC Bolt-Together T-Cart

Do you have a target thrower? Please leave a comment sharing your experiences!


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