Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off Quick Change Ultramounts from Inline Fabrication

Have you been wanting to upgrade your press mounting situation? Does your press wobble? Do you have two presses, but only one spot on the bench? The Inline Fabrication Quick-Change Ultramount is the answer!

For a limited time (until March 12 2018) you can save 10% on Quick-Change Ultramounts from Inline Fabrication!

Just add a Quick Change Ultramount to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter the discount code ULTRA18 after clicking on payment type (discount code box doesn’t show until you are paying). That’s it!

There you go- if you’ve been wanting a Quick-Change Ultramount, now is the time! Happy reloading!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off Quick Change Ultramounts from Inline Fabrication”

  1. Gavin:

    What (s) would you recommend for a Forster Co-Ax ?

    Thanks so much for all the great reloading info.
    Yours is one of my short list of sites I recommend unhesitatingly.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I just placed an order for another quick change plate from Inline Fabrication and used your promo code. I am a 100% Inline Fab customer and Dan has enabled my reloading operation to be “portable” (take my equipment inside the house to avoid rusting in the garage utility room). Thanks, Gavin.

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