Hands-On: KMS Squared UFO Press Light Kits for Dillon Presses

Winter is approaching, and for me that means it’s time to focus on indoor projects, namely reloading ammunition! Before this Winter season, I’m taking a look at all of my gear and “systems” and making improvements where possible. One such project is strategic lighting improvements. Enter the KMS Squared UFO lighting system! A while back I put UFO lights on my Hornady Lock-N-Load AP presses, and now it’s time to give some lighting-love to my Dillon presses, the XL-650 and RL-550!

For reference, here’s my first UFO lighting video where I go into a bit more depth on the installation process:

You can read the full post from this video HERE.

What’s In the Kits

Each UFO lighting kit comes with everything you’ll need to install a light kit on a single press. In the picture below, you can see everything that comes in one of these kits, with both Dillon light strips shown for reference (only one included in each kit):

In the above picture we have:

  1. Dillon XL-650 light strip
  2. Power supply
  3. Inline switch
  4. Installation accessories
  5. Dillon RL-550B light strip

One tip on the install: it’s all about prep work! If you want REALLY good adhesion, I’d suggest cleaning the surface with laquer thinner if you have some. That will help things stick long-term.

How Bright is Bright?

These lights are really bright, and really even. If you want to see what you’re doing while reloading, these UFO lights are definitely up to the task!

Above you can see the RL-550B light, and how it wraps around the toolhead slot. This downward light, combined with the strip that runs down the vertical press frame member provide high-intensity and even lighting.

The XL-650 UFO light (seen above) is very much like the RL-550b UFO light in how it is custom-fitted to these specific presses. Fittment on both presses was perfect, you just have to be careful about “committing” to your line-up when sticking the light strip to the press frame. If you take your time and use some patience, you’ll get it right.

Light: The Essential Press Add-On

As I’ve stated before, once you add lighting to your press, you’ll wonder how you got along without it! It’s one of the best press upgrades you can invest in. Do you have a UFO light kit on your press? I’d be curious to hear your experiences!


One thought on “Hands-On: KMS Squared UFO Press Light Kits for Dillon Presses”

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