TriggrCon 2017: DesertTech Rifles and Interview

In the quest for an accurate 50 BMG rifle for an upcoming reloading and shooting series, I found out about the awesome HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) rifle system from a company called DesertTech. With many of the 50 BMG rifles out there shooting 1.5+ MOA, their sub-MOA HTI rifle was of immediate interest. When I started to read about the HTI I realized that there were many additional attributes of this DesertTech rifle that were interesting. The HTI is a convertible platform (you can switch calibers easily with return-to-zero), features a compact bulpup design, and is ambidextrous. The HTI rifle is available inĀ .375 CT , .408 CT, .416 Barret, and .50 BMG, so there are quite a few interesting chamberings you can utilize. Then I found out DesertTech was going to be at TriggrCon- so I had to track them down to try out the rifles and have a discussion!

It was great to get the first-hand story on DesertTech from Nick. The following is a summary of the rifles that I got to get hands-on with and shoot at TriggrCon 2017:

DesertTech MDR

The MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is the “latest and greatest” from DesertTech. This rifle extends the DesertTech product portfolio into the semi-auto arena which I think is a great move. The MDR builds on the same fundamentals of the other DesertTech rifle systems: compactness, convertibility, and precision. What’s interesting about the MDR is just how compact it is. With a 26″ overall length for the .308 configuration shown, that’s the same length as some .308 barrels in popular bolt-action rifles! In addition to being compact, the MDR is very well balanced due to the bulpup design it employs. I’d love to try out the MDR in 300 Blackout, that would be loads of fun shooting subsonic 300 Blackout with a suppressor!

Here’s a diagram from the DesertTech website that illustrates the modularity of the MDR platform:

Very cool!

DesertTech SRS-Covert

The DesertTech SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) rifle systems were designed for police and military snipers who need maximum precision, compactness, and flexibility. The SRS rifle platform is available in two different lengths: the SRS-A1 (full size), and the SRS-A1 Covert (shorter length). I got to handle and shoot the SRS-A1 Covert outfitted for 6.5 Creedmoor, and it was quite impressive! The barrel had just been swapped, and the point of impact was only inches off at 200 yards (likely because the offset between calibers/ammunition hadn’t been applied).

Once you shoot a bulpup bolt action rifle, anything else seems a bit “long” :). This rifle had a great trigger and seemed “easy” to hit targets with. That’s the best way I can describe a rifle that I take an affinity for. It doesn’t seem like a lot of work, things just come together- I love it when that happens! I would have liked to have shot the SRS-A1 Covert a lot more, but we were on a limited time schedule, so I’ll have to wait until next time!

If you’re looking for a compact precision rifle with flexibility in chamberings- check out the DesertTech lineup of rifles. Do you shoot DesertTech? Please leave a comment!


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