M60 -vs- Laser Printer: Taking Care of Business

It was looking like the perfect weekend: Having a bunch of friends over, having a Type 07 FFL bring a collection of machine guns to the event, and a theme: “Death to the Printer”. This was a printer that I’ve struggled with many times over the last 8 years: random “offline” state, spurious low toner warnings, crunched up envelopes 1/2 the time, streaking toner lines on printouts, etc. Inspired by a recent viewing of “Office Space”, I thought I’d try my hand at printer destruction! Even if you can’t take out your hostility towards your own printer, I hope you enjoy this “Special Presentation”!

As you saw in the video, we thought it would be a good idea to “enhance” this destruction sequence with a 50 BMG and armor piercing incendiary rounds (API) – and that worked out quite well! I take satisfaction in a job well done:

The printer has definitely seen better days- not sure it would turn on at this point:

I certainly won’t be struggling with jams or error messages any longer- that’s a relief! And it certainly was fun shooting the M60- a rifle that didn’t recoil as much as I thought it would. Plus, it’s nice to look at:

The only downside to shooting machine guns? You can burn through a *lot* of ammo very quickly. But the experience is well worth it- not many folks have the opportunity to shoot these guns, and they are a *ton* of fun for sure!

Have you “offed” a printer in style? Please share your experiences, and please be safe whatever you do!


3 thoughts on “M60 -vs- Laser Printer: Taking Care of Business”

  1. Love the M-60, sent many thousands of rounds down range. Fun to shoot from the hip and shoulder also.

  2. Enjoyable but the vignettes of gun firing & printer breaking need to be tied together with a “spectator view” that shows both shooter and target at the same time – makes the whole thing much more satisfying. Still, always fun to see machine guns working – thanks!

  3. I have plenty of office equipment that could use the M60 treatment. I noticed how it loosened things up a bit on your laser printer – I’m sure the paper feeding is much improved?

    Have you tested the M60 tool on an automobile? I heard the extra ventilation is a real plus on those hot summer days.

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