Ultimate Reloader Deal: $10 Off .25-45 Sharps Master Conversion Kit

Been curious about the .25-45 Sharps cartridge? Interested in taking the knock-down power of your AR-15 to the next level? Now is the time to convert your AR-15 upper to the .25-45 Sharps chambering! I’ve worked with the Sharps Rifle Company to put together a deal for Ultimate Reloader readers, $10.00 off the Master Conversion Kit, which includes everything you’ll need to convert your AR-15 upper to .25-45 Sharps!

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I tried out this coupon code to make sure it’s working- here’s what you’ll see when you apply the discount in your cart:

The 25-45 Sharps Master Conversion Kit includes:

  • SRC Precision Barrel of your choice
  • Engraved Dust Cover
  • 100ct 25-45 Sharps Headstamp Brass
  • RCBS .25-45 Sharps Dies
  • Sharps XPB BCG

If you want to know more about .25-45 Sharps, check out the content I’ve published here on Ultimate Reloader:

Thanks, and happy shooting/reloading!


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