Get Control of Your Harris Bipod with Spiked Feet

I love Harris bipods- right out of the box they work great, and they are quite affordable. But there are some things you can do to make these bipods work even better. Take for instance the Harris S-BRM which features integrated swivel feature. One of the first things I did to my S-BRM was to install an aftermarket lever for the swivel tension adjustment (it appears that Harris now sells such a lever). But there’s been one issue that I haven’t been able to correct with this bipod until recently: the feet tend to slip and move when loading the bipod. The answer was to install a set of Morse Industries spiked feet which are demonstrated in this video:

So far I’m really happy with how these feet are working, and am looking forward to shooting off of more surfaces (rock, dirt, …) to see how they work in those conditions. Here’s a closeup showing the feet attached to one of my Harris bipods:


To install these feet you peform the following steps:

  1. Tap out the roll pins that secure the stock rubber feet to the bipod, save the roll pins. A roll pin punch is recommended here because you can drive with just the right “diameter” punch, and the dimple will keep the punch centered.
  2. Slide the rubber feet off of the bipod leg.
  3. Slide on the spiked feet (work on one at a time).
  4. Use a punch or small screw driver to align the spiked foot to the holes in the end of the bipod leg (see figure below)
  5. Use the roll pin punch to drive the roll pin through the foot and bipod leg (holding the locating pin/punch/screwdriver) against the pin as you hammer.

Using a small screw driver (bottom) to “locate” and align the spiked foot to the bipod leg holes – pressure was applied while driving in the pin (top) to ensure alignment.

That’s all you need to do! You can improvise with a drift punch or nail set if the diameter is close to the same diameter as the roll pin, but it will not work nearly as well as the roll pin punch (plus, if you put AR-15s together, you need a set of roll pin punches anyways, right?).

If you want to pick up a set of these Morse Industries spiked feet, they are available on Amazon.


Happy Shooting!

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  1. Hello. My name is Peter and i come from Sweden. I wonder how i can get in contact with the cumpany who makes the harris Bipod,s. If u have the time to answer i vould be so glad. Cheers from old Sweden.

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