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You may be familiar with the “production” it can be to go rifle shooting. It may go something like this: plan your range day, get your gun cases out, open the safe and grab some rifles, pack the cases, load up the truck, drive to the range, take multiple trips to unload the truck, get to the shooting line, and then BAM, it hits you! I forgot my (magazine(s), ammunition, rod guide, cleaning patches, …) at home! If you’re like me, at this point you’re seeing red a bit. I can recall a time I hiked up a steep hill to a shooting “overlook” only to realize I didn’t bring my AR-10 magazine (not a one!). I still haven’t lived that one down. Having a good “packing system” can help prevent these mishaps, and also make for fewer trips from the truck to the range. Hopefully that means more time shooting and less time dealing with your gear inventory.

Here’s an actual picture of my “gear list” for a weekend of shooting and filming at the Ultimate Reloader Outpost (much of the camera equipment not even shown here!).


Yes, for this “weekend outing” I packed/hauled/loaded/unloaded four soft rifle cases, two bulky plastic rifle cases, one small plastic rifle case, a soft shotgun case, and my TC Compass in its factory cardboard box (before the unboxing video, stay tuned for more on that!). Needless to say, I don’t “pack light” and it’s a wonder that my wife puts up with hauling all of this “stuff” seemingly every time we head out somewhere. Enter the Condor Double Rifle case- one of my solutions for dealing with all of the firearms, accessories, and gear that I travel with.

The Condor Double Rifle Case is available in three sizes (interior width): the 36″ model #151, the 42″ model #152, and the 46″ model #159. I have the 36″ model which I’m using for two AR-15s, and the 42″ model which I’m using for two Ruger Precision Rifles. With one case in each hand I can move from the truck to the shooting line with FOUR RIFLES and ACCESSORIES! What a game-changer!

Here’s an up-close shot of the 36″ model: (olive drab)


…and a closeup of the 42″ model: (tan)


These cases are very high quality- I had read numerous reviews, and was hopeful that these cases would live up to the “high praise” I had read in the reviews on Amazon. When I unpacked these cases I was definitely happy with what I saw and felt. Great quality fabric, beefy zippers, and tons of “nice touches” like the elastic cord retention system for the exterior pockets. It definitely changes my attitude when it’s time to go on a shooting trip- these cases stack nicely on top of each other, and  with the level of padding on the insides, I’m not worried about my rifles being damaged in transport- that’s a nice feeling.

One of the great features (and a reason I decided to go with these cases) are the “backpack style” straps that are integrated into the cases:


And when you open up this case, you can see just how much room there is (dimensions given correspond to max rifle length for each size of case), and how well the rifles on the inside are secured:


As I stated in the video, I’ve only just begun to “scratch the surface” of the storage systems that are included with these cases, but I’ve already taken the cases on several trips, and can’t imagine going back to my old travel and packing systems. I may need to get more Condor cases however, because I tend to travel with more than four rifles! More on these cases in future stories.

Do you have a Condor (or other) rifle case/system that you love? Please leave a comment to share your experiences and perspectives! If you are looking for a double rifle case, I can definitely recommend the Condor Double Rifle Case!


3 thoughts on “Overview: Condor Double Rifle Case”

  1. I have used this exact case for a couple years now. I have the 42″ in tan. I love it, and it is really my-go to bag for range work or hunting trips. I like that I can load rifles and pistols in the same bag, and everything stays organized. While I have never used the backpack straps, it was something that I looked at when making my decision for a range bag. Add a couple Otis cleaning kits and boresnakes to one of the outside pockets, a few loaded mags in the others, and you are good to go! I can load my .277Wolverine AR-15 in one side for deer, and my 20″ R700 .308 Win for Elk in the other side, suppressor, bipod, and mags in the outside pockets and be ready for a serious hunting trip, ready for whatever I see walking around out there.

  2. I have the 36″ black model bought about a year ago and absolutly love it. I carry my M&P 15 and my 9mm along with ammo, extra mags, targets, my gosh I can go on and on what I can put in this bag. Now I need a double bag to carry my Winchester 94 in (1954 model). If you need a rifle bag, this is the one to get! Price range is reasonable also

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