Christmas Gift Ideas for the Reloading Enthusiast

Has your wife, girlfriend, mom, or grandma been asking you “What do you want for Christmas”? Well here’s some ideas to make your list easier to write!

Reloading Components

OK, it’s a bit obvious, but who can’t use more powder, primers, or bullets? If you take 5 minutes to look over your inventory, I’m sure you can find some components that you’d like to stock up on. Have a local store that sells powder and primers? That may be easier for your loved ones compared with ordering online (what mom want’s to pay for “Hazardous Materials” fees? 🙂 )

Primers, one of the vital ingredients for reloading
Primers, you can’t get too many of them!

Reloading Dies, Accessory Dies

Do you have “holes” in your reloading die collection? Would you love to have that awesome micrometer precision seating die? Now’s the time to ask for them! It’s also nice to have spare die sets for frequently loaded cartridges that you may want to load using multiple presses. Struggling with proper crimp? Perhaps a Lee Factory Crimp Die is in order…


Lee rifle dies from small (.223, outer) to xtra-large (50 BMG, inner)

Special Tools

My Dad used to say “You’ve got to use the right tool for the job”. I agree, and some times that means having a collection of special tools. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than efficiency, effectiveness, and precision.

Here are some of my most fequently used “reloading special tools”:

  • COL gage (case sizing, bullet seating depth)
  • Case neck thickness gage
  • Bullet concentricity gage
  • Vibratory primer filling tool


Redding Case Neck Gage – A tool used to profile brass for utmost accuracy


Perhaps you’ve had the goal to reload a new class of cartridge, and you even have the dies, but you don’t have the brass. Perhaps you have brass that’s “been around the block” too many times. There’s no bad time to stock up on brass. For pistol brass, Starline Brass is always a good option, and they have a great selection of brass spanning popular to rare cartridges.


A beautiful sight: cartridges loaded with brand new brass

Other Ideas

There is no shortage of “reloading things” to ask for, here are some additional ideas:

  • Extra 6″ digital calipers
  • Industrial ziplock plastic bags (for brass storage)
  • Tumbling media (pet stores have ground walnut shells)
  • Reloading manuals
  • Ammo boxes (bulk styrofoam with cardboard boxes are great)
  • Digital scale (jeweler’s scales from ebay or Amazon will work)

There’s some ideas for you. Get your “wish lists” sent off while there’s still time for your presents to get ordered and shipped!

What Reloading loot are you all asking for? Please leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for the Reloading Enthusiast”

  1. 10 lbs of Unique powder would do me just fine!! Or Promo…..Winchester Super Field?

    Well…10 lbs of any powder that I use…..fat chance.

  2. Hey there, just started doing the reloading thing with new DIllon 550b. Had a friend help me set up. He passed on a few “good ideas” that I haven’t seen in any literature and I thought I’d ask if anyone has some too. He told me to place a business card in the powder tube stating the weight and brand of powder I was using for instance. Another one was put used dryer sheets in with tumbling media to absorb some of the powder off the shells and stretch the media – it works.

    Any others?

  3. Use lemon juice instead in the tumbler. 1tbs juice and 1qr of water and a drop of dawn dishwashing soap. Polishes brass like brand new! Nothing gets stuck in the primer pockets. Jim

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