Where to Find Reloading Primers In-Stock

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a HUGE challenge to find primers lately, so I thought I’d send some links to online sources that have primers in-stock. Hopefully this is a sign of things becoming less scarce!

Powder Valley is now processing orders within 3 days of placement! This is down from a month I can recall earlier this year. Federal primers are still out of stock, but there are some primers available, including Tula small rifle primers, Winchester large rifle and large rifle magnum.

MidwayUSA has quite a few primers in stock (this link will show you all that are available) including small pistol, large pistol, small rifle, and large rifle (and large rifle magnum, small pistol magnum).

Widener’s also has some primers available, including Sellier & Bellot large rifle and large rifle magnum, various types  CCI primers (small pistol APS, large rifle APS, small rifle magnum APS)

Brownells has Winchester large rifle magnum, CCI 50 cal, Remington small pistol magnum, and Remington large rifle magnum. (this link will show you primer categories that are in stock).

Ballistic Products has primers in stock! Included are CCI small pistol (on sale!), Winchester large rifle, Federal small pistol match, Federal small pistol, and Winchester large rifle magnum.

Now, if I could just find 8lb cannisters of Hodgdon Varget!

Have a link to share? Please leave a comment!

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12 thoughts on “Where to Find Reloading Primers In-Stock”

  1. In the Los Angeles area there have been plenty of primers (mostly Winchester) at Turners Outdoorsman (turners.com).

  2. If you live near a Sportsman’s Warehouse, check them out aswwell. My local store in Missoula, MT has primers coming out of their ears! They must have gotten all of their backstock orders in.

  3. Natchez Shooters Supplies has various CCI…some Federal…some Tula primers plus various powders

    3rd Generation Shooting Supply has Winchester small and large rifle and pistol and various powders.

    MidSouth Shooters has Remington primers as I type and various powder mostly Norma powders.

    I have to keep a close watch at Wally World….it appears Wally World here gets 1lb containers or Varget more than any other powder outside of Unique. Walked into a Wally World last Saturday 120 miles from here and there sat 10 1lb containers of IMR4350 AND IMR4064….I use neither but go figure.

    As I supposing most of us knows….it is best to form a buyers group…get the money together and items desired whether primers or powedr (Powders are more flexible so this can be limited to certain brands/types) and dedicate a single person to the chore of buying when primers/powders/bullets can be located. Order the limits allowed and slpit up the bounty when the order arrives.

    I’ve got I think more small pistol primers now than anytime is my life and I can go right this very moment to town and buy two to three thousand primers without question. I had a sales staff person tell me when I ask how many primers could I buy….the response was…”All of them if you want them.”

    I’m not greedy and I didn’t want to hog all the primers and someone else would be left without.

    Search every chance you get online for primers/powder/bullets and order when you see these. It is getting better but don’t buy reloading componets just because you can…or 22 rimfire ammo!! Christ Almighty!!

    Oh…I’ve been loading and using 00 buckshot ammo…I sat down with a calculator and I reload 00 buck for 25 cents a round. Yesterday MidwayUSA send out a sales email and a box of 25 Remington 00 buck goes for rounding up…$20.00. Of course there is shipping +…that’s $6.25 per box of 25. Rio 00 buck is going for I seen the other day…$2.70 (?) per box of 5….cast your own buckshot and go!

    Good luck everyone.

  4. Randy of Big Guy’s in Pearland, TX normally has an adequate supply of most primers. He may not have some of the BR or the exact brand you are looking for, but for general purposes, he’s usually got stock. Also, 10 Ring on Jones Road has been getting a goodly amount of resupply for primers and powders. They had 8# jugs of Varget late this week, but I don’t think they ship, but you ask them.

  5. If you can’t find Varget and happen upon CFE 223, try it.

    Loads and ballistics are similar, CFE meters well for me in Dillon & Redding powder measures for me.

    I have had positive experience with CFE 223 in loading for a 5.56/6 groove/1 in 7 twist AR and a Springfield M1A 7.62/4 groove/1 in 12 twist.

    After about 500 rds of 5.56 and 250 of 7.62 I find CFE 223 clean burning, accurate, consistent and affordable. Also, I find no accumulation of copper and I was skeptical.

  6. We have some primers on our website, but we haven’t figured out how to ship them yet so they aren’t in stock as of yet. Shipping powders and primers isn’t the easiest thing to do.

  7. I find this website to be an invaluable tool. There are however many comments posted as far as where to find primers, not for example, they are from 2014. How can viewers look at only current 2020 data on your website.

    Keep up the good work on your website. Most informative.

  8. Its gotten so bad here in central Oklahoma that I’ve not seen any primers in 15 different shops for at least a couple of months now, no places in stock online either last time I checked and I’ve been on Powder Valley’s website but they may have some now. Luckily I’ve always saved ammo given to me or left over from guns I no longer have and have been reloading the primer cups themselves which is a time consuming process and carries several risks if one is not careful with the primer compound…but that method has been how I’ve been able to keep reloading my 45 acp all you do is unload the compound from whatever ammo you choose but be extremely careful and wear saftey glasses that stuff is easy to set off! I’ve detonated a few scraping out the compound with a saftey pin but I’ve gotten pretty good at it now, then cut a drinking straw and seal one end with a lighter(do this before unloading or touching primers or the compound) cut the tip at an angle and scoop the compound up and crunch it to its powder form in the straw gently, have some spent primers with the anvils removed and the dent inside the bottom of the primer hammered back to flat with a small punch, tap the straw to dump in enough powder to fill the primer gently pack it down and it should be about half full, place a piece of paper over the compound and pack down one more time, then place the anvil on top of the paper and try to center it as best you can but don’t push it in, stick the primer in the loader on your press one at a time and load into a case the press will press the anvil in to the primer and if you don’t he man it in there it’ll set it in perfect and not set off the primer compound. Ive been using the compound from some old shotgun shells and from 22 win mag rounds I’ve had sitting in my ammo box for years and they have worked well in my 45acp cases out of my 1911 without any mishaps, like squibs, pressure spikes, or ftf’s…i’m no expert and I’m not suggesting anyone re attempt what I did but that did work for me and until I can get my hands on some that are reasonably priced I am gonna continue using this method…

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