New! Ultimate Reloader Shotshell Reloading Cost Calculator (free)

Wondering what it will cost to load your own shotshells? With this calculator, you’ll be able to evaluate the cost and benefit of loading new shells or reloading your used hulls.

Happy loading!

7 thoughts on “New! Ultimate Reloader Shotshell Reloading Cost Calculator (free)”

  1. So with the price of lead as high as it is… where are some good sources for lead shot? Aside from the fun of reloading shot shells, in the North East, its more economical to buy shells than reload them.

    I have a nice Ponsness Warren reloader sitting idle that I would love to get back in the game if I could find lead shot prices that make it worth while.

  2. Ran the numbers using my cost of components and with 12g shells no $25 per four pak at wal mart I can still save money. I still have 2300 primers, 1000 wads, 50# of shot on hand plus lots of hulls so I have enough for about four more months.

  3. That calculator is only accurate if you paid nothing for hulls, but with no entry for how many times a hull that cost something could be reloaded, the final cost figure is invalid and useless.

    1. For an accurate cost per shell/box/1000, if one buys new shells and then reloads them 5 times, one must include the cost of the new shells in the hull price. A box of Remington STS 1-1/8oz loads is now $7.89 at Walmart. I can reload those easily 5 times. So the total cost of the hulls, if I am counting 1000 hulls is:
      40 boxes (new)=1000 hulls
      1000 hulls=40 boxes x $7.89=$315.60
      So, if I enter 6000 hulls (1000 new shells and reload them 5X) at $315.60, plus the cost of all components, I get a per box cost of $6.46, plus gas to buy.
      I am only saving $1.44 per box reloading. But our reloading equipment isn’t usually free. If we buy a MEC Sizemaster at about $350 and load those 5000 shells (6000-1000), our cost is now 5.8 cents per shell more, or $6.52 per box! So if we add for that, we are NOT saving money reloading at all, unless we include the gas, wear and tear on our vehicle to get to the sporting goods store and back. If we value our time at all, we are losing money reloading, unless we consider it a hobby, and that is hard to place a value on. With the least costly, reasonable reloading press I can buy, I am only saving $1.36 per box. If I buy a really nice reloader and all the goodies (about $2,000 worth), I am only saving about $1.23 a box! If you only shoot 10-12 boxes a year, I’d just save the hassle and buy new shells and not reload. If you are a competitive shooter, shooting 600-700 boxes a year, then reloading makes sense, as you’ll save some. But still it will require 2.5-4 years just to break even on the equipment costs.

  4. Fox Fetterworth is pretty tough. RELOADING presumes that you have already shot the shells. To make it valid for your obviously high standards, why don’t you figure in cost of hulls divided by how many times you plan on loading them. Invalid and useless is your determination!!!!!

    1. If you reload new store bought shells, it costs even more. I save about $1.36-$1.50 per box reloading. At 6-8 boxes per hour, I’m really not saving much money, and wasting time, especially considering spills and tweaking/fixing equipment!

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