New! Ultimate Reloader Shotshell Reloading Cost Calculator (free)

Wondering what it will cost to load your own shotshells? With this calculator, you’ll be able to evaluate the cost and benefit of loading new shells or reloading your used hulls.

Happy loading!

5 thoughts on “New! Ultimate Reloader Shotshell Reloading Cost Calculator (free)”

  1. So with the price of lead as high as it is… where are some good sources for lead shot? Aside from the fun of reloading shot shells, in the North East, its more economical to buy shells than reload them.

    I have a nice Ponsness Warren reloader sitting idle that I would love to get back in the game if I could find lead shot prices that make it worth while.

  2. Ran the numbers using my cost of components and with 12g shells no $25 per four pak at wal mart I can still save money. I still have 2300 primers, 1000 wads, 50# of shot on hand plus lots of hulls so I have enough for about four more months.

  3. That calculator is only accurate if you paid nothing for hulls, but with no entry for how many times a hull that cost something could be reloaded, the final cost figure is invalid and useless.

  4. Fox Fetterworth is pretty tough. RELOADING presumes that you have already shot the shells. To make it valid for your obviously high standards, why don’t you figure in cost of hulls divided by how many times you plan on loading them. Invalid and useless is your determination!!!!!

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